Airbus A350XWB Family

Delta doesn’t operate the -1000… only the -900. Qatar and Cathay also operate the -900 so…


Does anyone know if the 900ULR will be in IF?

Negative! Just the -900.

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But the importance is to have a A350 in the game.😃


Oh that’s a bummer I was really hoping that the ULR will be included

We have seen a singapore airlines livery for the -900. Btw @Maxim we have not been told that the -900ULR is not being put into IF in this update - it is a variant of the -900 with the main difference being it can fly further.

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Does Singapore operate just the 900ULR or also the 900XWB?

Since the main difference is range, I don’t see why it would be difficult to include the ULR. In fact it should be a piece of cake

They operate both variants of the -900.

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  1. There are only seven ULRs built, all for Singapore (thus far). You seriously want a separate variant with one livery?
  2. There is no physical difference between both -900 variants. The ULR doesn’t even require additional fuel tanks – they are virtually the same aircraft.
  3. You can achieve -900ULR range with the -900 by just having less seats and cargo on board. Fewer passengers and cargo means lower fuel burn which leads to longer range flying. Singapore has a very different seat configuration on their XWBs versus their ULRs. This is how players are able to fly the 787-9, 747-8, 787-10 far beyond their operational ranges.

I agree with most of the things you just stated but it is not extremely obvious to you that weight doesn’t not have the same effect in IF as it does in real life? Yes it makes some difference in IF but no where near real life. Essentially what your saying is if you want the ULR just remove some passengers and cargo but that has a much more significant impact in real life than in IF so you’re not gonna get that extra 1,600nm. Finally to state my point, since you said that the two variants are the same aircraft, just with different seating, it should be a copy and paste to add the ULR. Yes it only has one livery, yes it’s basically the same as the XWB but just it feels much more realistic to fly the ULR instead of getting rid of some weight on the XWB. It’s like adding a feature for free because no extra money will be needed to develop the ULR since it’s a copy and paste.

Also I just searched the difference in range between the 900XWB and 900ULR and the difference is 1,600NM. 8,100NM for the XWB and 9,700NM for the ULR. Now I don’t think getting rid of some seats will make such a difference. After further research, the ULR carries about 24,000 liters more fuel than the XWB. Quote from the Airbus website: “Optimised for non-stop flights to the US, the aircraft, designated A350-900ULR (Ultra Long Range), will ‎include a modified fuel system to increase the fuel carrying capacity, an increase in Maximum Take-Off Weight, plus aerodynamic improvements, enabling service to the US West Coast, as well as to New York.” So actually there is a bigger difference than just removing some seats

But anyways, stopping the pointless argument. It’s not a problem if the ULR isn’t included. As long as the A350 arrives, I think everyone in the community will be very pleased so let’s look forward to that


I’m probably going to be burned at the stake for this, but if they don’t include the ULR I hope they atleast goof the range a bit since we know we are getting Singapore airlines for example, so eaven if it isn’t the ULR version I would still very much like to fly to New York for example…


In the a350 update they will also add a new sound pack for airbus right?

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Hopefully!!! 🙏


I already know the first flight I’m gonna do with the A350(I bet you know it too and its one you’re probably gonna do as well)

.That’s right,Delta’s inaugural A350 flight

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If the Sichuan Airlines Panda livery is available I’m gonna fly that but if it isn’t I’ll fly Singapore airlines from Singapore to Newark

United got the A350-900 variant will they add that with the new livery it looks like this

the hole fleet is right there


@UnitedGuy19 Where’d you get that image