Airbus A350XWB Family


Again, how is this still open? 😂


Brain Explodes


If we get that many people to do this that would be awesome


omg can’t wait to see spotters capturing this beauty.


well, that looks soo complex to do


Since the A350 is already well underway - I can remove my vote now, right?


If you want


That decision… is truly up to you.



Whenever someone sees Laura in an unknown aircraft why not hop in an F-22 and go escort her and possibly see what plane she is in I would most likely detour from my flight or even end it to do this but not like interfere with her or her flight just like linger around to see what plane she is flying


We won’t see the aircraft she is flying. It will appear as a blank square. :)


Ugh mission failed I repeat mission failed


Imagine some nice lights with it too!


Some bright lights


I mean this picture covers like every light we ever asked for perfectly :D
Bright landing/taxi lights, a bright beacon and you can even see the tail logo lights!


A350 get’s realised. 98% of aircraft flying in infinite flight is the a350. Going to be interesting


It depends on who likes it and who doesn’t like it.


It will be the same predictable eventuality of every single awaited aircraft so far, including the A330 and 787:

-Request, request and keep discussing the request.
-Investigate every possibility into the outcome and request.
-Request every livery in operation.
-Request every variant in operation.
-Hype until it can be hyped no more.

Once the aircraft is released, almost every user you see on the map for the first 3 days will be in an A350. After 3 days, it will vanish off the map and return to the normal planes that people were using previously.

But still, a nice and popular addition to the fleet and it still got my vote though.

Good times.


10/10 well written !


But I think for this case (A350 and A330), it will have different aftermath compared to other new releases

I’m pretty certain you would see A350 and A330 in the Top 5 even months after their release. This case happened in 787 update, many people still use the 787-9 even until today (Around 2 years after the 787 rework! 787-9 always makes it to the Top 3 most used aircrafts in Infinite Flight regardless of new aircraft updates). Why? Because 787, A330, and A350 are really popular among Infinite Flight users as of today, which is a different case compared to Military/GA aircrafts unfortunately.

Yes, the hype won’t be as much as the first couple of weeks since the release. But the hype actually won’t die until a new aircraft can “beat” their popularity sometime in the future.


I don’t think the A350 will just vanish from the skies. The 787 is very popular though it was released 3 yrs ago, the A350 won’t fade anytime soon considering it’s popularity 😉