Airbus A350XWB Family


Can you guys stop speculating?

First of all, you aren’t even talking about the A350 which is what the thread is about, and we already know it is coming, so be patient. They will tell us the other aircraft when they are ready. I have said it before and I know other Regulars have as well, posts that are off-topic or speculating will be flagged


Could it be the concept of the A350?


Never mind. It might be some GA


Yeah I got that part


Remember that Instagram story featuring this small unknown aircraft blocked by Laura’s hair when parked at the runway? This is something I am thinking of, could be a new GA Aircraft. Laura has always been in passion and developing GA aircrafts. 😉

P.S. I have not seen any new stories today just in Instagram.


FYI speculating about whether or not next update will be a GA is considered off topic in an A350 thread. Please keep the conversation related to the A350, or your post will be flagged. Thanks!


Yes but we can seen the runway and a airbus or Boeing etc. Isnt so small. Thats definitely not the a350. I think the next update will be a GA and 19.3 will be release the a350


Coming Soon! 😉 British Airways A350-1000

Credits: BigJetTV


👀 wow! Looks great!!!


Source: Infinite Flight Blog

Beautiful work on that engine!


New blog post:


I’m drooling over that 🤤


I don’t think I’ve ever seen something sooo sexy in my whole entire life!


That’s my drug… im joking, don’t worry… 😅


But Since how many months the A350 started to be built?


I knew they were using 3DS Max from Autodesk to make the models :).

Sorry if it looks off topic, but I myself as a Game/ Graphic Designer use 3DS MAX and Photoshop for stuff like this.

Hopefully the A350 will be worth it in the end when they finish this massive project :)


I’m. Is starting to see why the app costs money and subscription prices are high. One year of 3DS Max is 1,550!


Maybe you can help too! I mean I can’t, since i’m bad at about everything but maybe you could work for them xD


I’d love to help, but I unfortunately only have a Mac, in which I am forced to use Maya or Blender :(. I haven’t used 3DS MAX for some time now, but I still know what to do with it, all I need is a Windows device so that I can begin Modeling and Rendering textures and such.

If you want to learn more, shoot me a PM so we don’t clog up this thread and go too off topic as well :).


Doha auckland used B777-200LR by qatar,not A350. But if u want to try with A350,its a good idea