Airbus A350XWB Family


It is pretty likely that the A350XWB family will have the same story as the CRJ Series


I’d be really surprised if they don’t add the 1000. They added all 4 CRJ variant. It’s can’t be much more work for the 3D modelling, just a bit more length to the fuselage and one extra main gear wheel.


You’ll be surprised how a little change can make massive difference in coding and programming. :)


Remember, they also have to recalculate the weight, engine thrust, speed, fuel, etc…




You don’t say…

Illuminati Confirmed


We also have to understand there are other aircraft in development and since the A350 is in the beginning of development I highly doubt that is an A350 looking at it. A350’s don’t usually cruise at 10,000 ft and fly at 164 kts at cruise.


👀 that was quick…


It’s not the A350. Just because the A350 is confirmed, we can’t assume that’s the only unknown aircraft Moderators and Staff are flying. Remember, they have other aircraft in the works that are just as needed. ;)

Besides, the icon clearly shows a GA aircraft.


But still, it’s an unknown aircraft, so perhaps we may never know…


Well, it’s definitely not an A350. That airport only has gates large enough for GA 🙃


In lauras Instagram story was a sneak peak of a GA aircraft!


Your going to make me drop my coffee. 🤣


That’s a small regional airport, I highly doubt she’s using the A350


Could you take a photo of that? Some of us (me) don’t have insta 😂


There isn’t anything on her instagram


S/he said story and you need an account to view that


I think he’s referring to the picture where her head covers 90% of the screen. I wouldn’t call it a “confirmed GA”


In her STORY


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