Airbus A350XWB Family


I hope the 1000 comes out as wheel have another 14 wheeled aircraft!


I don’t know how the devs plan to roll the A350 out, but I personally hope we get all of the variants at once, so then we don’t have to wait. I’m sure that whatever they choose to do will be great, so we’ll have to see! :)


There is no such thing as “before”. Like every update in Infinite Flight, all types of models are released in one single update, as well as some extra features. Only hotfixes are pushed in later, in relation to any upcoming problems people may face in the future. You can relate this to version 19.1.


That wasn’t the case with the CRJ series. The CRJs has a staggered release. 🙂


Well my bad, never knew that. How many days apart was each model released? 🤔


It was quite a bit of time but the -200 and the -1000 came in the same.

Back on topic hehe


About four months for all four models.


That a350 has been cancelled by Airbus


a350 hasn’t been stopped ??

oh wait I think you’re talking about the -800.


Airbus saw that the A350-800 was overlapping with the A330neo as a350-800 orders would easily go to A330neo. With that, they cancelled the A350-800 program.


Hello and good evening I’m not talking about the 350-800 I’m just talking about the landing gear tilt of the A350-900 ,ULR and 1000 .✈🛫🛬✈


Cannot wait to have a view like this on infinite flight !

Image is from here


Can’t wait too!


Soooooo… Are they making the family?


I think it’s just the 900


It could also be both, we simply don’t know until they release more images 😊


Nooo!!! I really wanted the -1000

Also, the request stated the A350XWB Family

Meaning both -900 and -1000


He does not know any more information than the rest of us, so don’t believe what others say unless it comes from a moderator or staff member ;)

And @Kaiserthebloo, please don’t speculate or say anything like that! It can get others excited or let them down! Posts like that can and have a high chance of getting flagged!


Let’s not be picky, we are getting the A350 whether it’s the -900 or -1000… or even both, we don’t know.

Patience. :)


Nothing has been confirmed about there only being one variant for the A350. It could be, or won’t be, we will just have to wait and see.