Airbus A350XWB Family


I thought they did 😬


Spare a vote if you can guys 😊


Do you guys think liveries such as Aer Lingus or Turkish Airlines would be added? These airlines have ordered the A350, but have just not been delivered yet.


Maybe if they are delivered.I dont think the devs will add them until they are delivered as those airlines can cancel orders.


Ya I was gonna say, don’t wanna end up with a non existent livery.


I’m hoping for the British Airways livery



Back on topic as this topic is A350 related


Just a thought, could you imagine an interior view with first class, Business and economy?!


It will be the 2nd heaven


I’m gonna love watching the wingflex and animated wheels on a heavy!


That would be great. One in economy with like other passengers edited in it possibly in their seats, and then a camera like your in your own business/first class suite. A lot of potential with this aircraft!


Yeah, it’ll be like AR in infinite flight!


I made a thread with the China Airlines Carbon Fibre livery if you have any available votes :)


Sure thing! I’ve got six left.


Thanks! It’s a really nice livery


I take its the mikado one


No, it’s this one:


Aha! Voted!


Try out my thread ;)


Sure! I want as many livery’s as possible on the A350