Airbus A350XWB Family


I was going to say exactly the same!!


Cite the text “suggest”. Not “needed”,but “suggest”.


Yes, however, it says: “Suggests.” That doesn’t necesserily mean that it will come though, until it’s confirmed…


I heard that it may take 12 months to build but it did say it will have a full interior and a full working cockpit this is at the bottom of the timeline the devs posted in the topic building the A350


Judging by the way that infinite flight has added a cabin, animated doors, and a working cockpit, it kinda confirms all of that.


What do you mean by that like on the A350 or like the crj because the crj does have those things


No it doesn’t:)

When it is released it will confirm it


@Joseph007 it does say that it will have a full interior and a working cockpit


I don’t understand why this isn’t closed yet… 😂


That can be subject to change. The development process isn’t an easy one.


In his defence, it suggests it will, highly likely. I’m regretting how i sad it confirms it, as it doesn’t.


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Got this from a moderator…

We tend to close feature requests when the request is in the game ;)

Maybe it will close when a dedicated topic to the A350, like a tracking thread, is approved.


Well my bad Jason says recent suggests


At the top he says it


Erm, those budget airlines do not have an A350


only if it was real:(


It will be!



Let’s admire this pretty bird!


LOT doesn’t have an order or operate any A350s 😊