Airbus A350XWB Family


Now all we need is the Delta A350-900, and the British Airways A350-1000 liver, along with the ULR, and WXB variants


Well the wait will soon come to an end :))))))


That may hurt the BA plane 😂
In all seriousness l, I can’t wait!!!


Liver? Lol


I wonder if they’ll have the carbon livery 👀


buries his head in his pillow and starts crying tears of joy


This thread and Aircraft has become the staple of the community. This thread has been closed, locked, reopened, closed again. And this aircraft has been hinted at for over a year. I’m so glad that the A350 is finally coming to Infinite Flight.


lets wait its under development



This really made my day. I’m so glad the time has finally come. The wait is over y’all! I’m so ready to fly this baby! Let the journey begin!
IF Team, you are incredible! You never seize to amaze me!


Wouldn’t it be cool if they follow in PMDG’s footsteps and make the interiors different for each livery in order to match the real world cabins? I remember on the PMDG 777 that the Emirates livery had pink cabin mood lighting, for example.


What an exciting day for us all! We’ve all been waiting for this moment through countless debates and thread closures but let’s put all of that behind us and wait patiently for this magnificent aircraft to be created! <3 I’d like to thank the developers for embracing this much requested feature and I cannot wait for what the future holds for this community :D


We did it guys. The devs finally heard us. This has to be the most exciting moment in Infinite Flight🎊

Thank you, Infinite Flight LLC for your hard work. Cheers!


For the record, you were right!


It’s already possible in IF with the competing Boeing 787-9 assuming the same passenger / cargo load restrictions. I have done it twice with the United livery - just fantasising about the possibility that United may launch such a flight with that aircraft.

Definitely looking forward to the ULR version of the A350 in the Singapore Airlines livery!


With Latam and TAM livery.


Okay just to double check, a Working Cockpit will be coming along with the A350.


That still hasn’t been confirmed.


Well more ales



There are chances we might have a full working cockpit but the devs still haven’t officially confirmed it.