Airbus A350XWB Family

I will pay for A350 and Concorde no matter what!

I somewhat agree; toying with the feelings of people that sorely want the A350 (A LOT) is quite a rude prank to pull. Even if ‘nothing was promised’, FDS should be thinking about how people might take the post before posting it, leading to all this argument and speculation. I sure hope it wasn’t a 100% prank.


I couldn’t agree more! The A350 is an amazing plane!

Hope to see Finnair and Asiana A350’s. Got my votes


i was going through the list of livery requests for the A350 but i haven’t seen one for Qatar Airways the #900 in particular, if its already out there feel free to share me a link so i can vote for it ^_^


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Good news, Virgin just revealed their livery for the A350-1000

Credit: Simpleflying

For more Info :


Welll the IRL winglet is from a closer distance than the modeled one, which may be why you think that.


Hopefully over easter holidays we will find out what’s really happening(announcement for what’s next)!..if this was a prank it would be very cruel and if it was a prank they should had announce on the 2nd of April that it was instead if people putting there hopes up as the days go by… Let’s hope we find out in the coming weeks!


Nothing else about A350… it’s finaly a prank


It’s fun watching all of you run around in circles trying to figure out if this aircraft is coming soon. I’m going to say… no it won’t be coming until we are notified from the devs that it’s coming. Conflicting your views? Yes I am. Because we truly won’t know it’s coming until they tell us :)


and the devs said that its coming they just didn’t say when, i don’t get how some of you think its still unknown whether the aircraft will be added or not, its already been said that its will be added there’s just no info on when or the possible release date or official teasers, thats why we can only speculate.

Let me rephrase that. What I mean to say was yes they said eventually, but until they actually tell us when, it’s not going to be made available to you in the sim which means it’s not coming until they say/do so.

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I think they did this joke last year.Did you actually fall for it when you saw it?😂😂

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they won’t tell you when lol, IF updates always come as surprises you can’t know the release date but they give us teasers on an upcoming update and the rest will be speculations, the A350 is coming to IF we just don’t know when.

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Look at the spoiler…


the A350 in RFS have bad physics and hard to land although its still fun to fly since its have live cockpit and wingtip vortices, window wipers etc,…

but with the time thats taking for IF to add the A350, i am positive that IF will have the best A350 model “hopefully i am not putting a burden on the devs shoulders”


Haha, I remember the awful Virging Atlantic livery on it.





That’s just photoshop :)