Airbus A350XWB Family

Too much processing power for low end devices.


Or why not do this first so first we get the a350 then we focus on the reworks of aircraft’s


Yeah, that’s a very beautiful plane

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Well I’m the closing notes of my thread Why is the A350 not happening?, Schyllberg said it might come out in 2020😉😁


Sorry guys, I took out my vote.


With 2020, I really don’t know if I can wait that long. I guess patience is key. With that, I have several questions:

FDS released a poll a while back, asking if we wanted the A350, Concorde, CRJ Rework, or DC/10-MD/11. What if we had voted A350? Why was it an option then?

What is preventing data from being available? Is Airbus being defensive, or is the data just not there? The Instagram answers tell us nothing, it’s just to keep everyone guessing as to when this would even come, and to cool down the amount of people asking. Maybe I’m being inconsiderate; maybe this is all a surprise. Given the somewhat vague communication from FDS about any sign of this coming this year, I’m guessing it’s the former. I really hope I’m wrong, as FDS loves the occasional surprise.

Some will vehemently disagree with this comment, so feel free to PM me and we can discuss it. :)



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I agree with you. Even though I wasn’t around the IFC then, what made the data for the A350 accessible then that isn’t now? Obviously, the standards have changed, but if there was still data, it’s not like that data goes missing. I’m no dev, but I really wonder what made it a possibility to add it to IF back then and not now.

While I don’t think we’ll see this in 2019 unfortunately, I think we’ll see it “soon”™️.


I’m pretty sure rework for B737 is nowhere close since the plane was a bit upgraded when there are other planes that needs some kind of touches such as A380 A340 and A330


2020 decembre 30 😂😂

It will comes out 👍


I am looking forward to this aircraft for a long time, I hope it will meet me soon.


It is highly likely that the data, the full scale one, where you get all the details down to the core, is not available. Now I’m 100% guessing here, so take my word for it, but it is very much possible, that is the reason why IFLLC hasn’t been able to make a CAD modell of the A350. Since the developers want to give us the best possible quality aircraft, so that we consumers are happy with the product, it could be that they are waiting it out, hoping that Airbus would allow them to the their hands on every single piece of the data there is to use. The restriction, if there is any, is in that case due to Airbus’ Copyright and Infringement Laws, which I would guess, if you want to by pass, will be a difficult task to do. Only when Airbus opens them up, only then you’ll get access.

Also to touch on the Voting Poll we had before, I would assume that if the A350 had won, now remember this is my hypothesis of what could’ve happened, I’d believe that they’d actually give us the A350, like half ready, which would need a rework in matter of 2 or 3 years at maximum. It’s likely that we could demand a rework very soon as the CAD models would look, well not as good they we thought it’d be and as good as IFLLC wants it to be.

Now I along, you guys would love to have the A350. I’ve playing IF since 2014 and there are many others out there who’ve played the Simulator since launch year, who also would like the A350. But as of now, all we can do is wait, there is not definite answer on why the A350 isn’t out yet, but I strongly believe in that Airbus is rather strict on their publishing of information regarding the A350, especially now that they recently launched the 900ULR, maybe, just maybe they don’t want to give out info yet about the aircraft specifics in high detail.

Another sort of theory but something that is also backed by facts is that, when the 787 made its way in to IF, it did years after its initial launch in the real world. Considering that, and that fact since the A320 rework last year, they’ve added a lot more to their CAD models, Pilots, Wingflex, now with the A-10, also added functioning altimeters, so all this takes a lot more space in your device and takes a lot more time to render. So on that note, it could be that the developers are trying to find a way to push out the best possible, high quality A350 model out there, one that resembles the real one down t the core, one they won’t need to rework in years to come, one that we all will be happy with for a long time over.

There is only three thoughts coming my head right now, that could possibly be the cause of why we don’t have the A350 and those are: 👇

  1. Airbus is strict about what and how much information goes to whom, why and for what purpose. They could be guarding extra much now that the 800ULR just released months ago and with a possible 1000ULR in the making, they could be keeping all or most of the information and data secret.

  2. IFLLC are waiting for the possible 1000ULR to be announced or cancelled. It wold definitely be a gold star for them if they were to wait it out and make all models together, and to top that, remember how I said the 787 got released years after their initial launch, that applies to the 800ULR which it only has been a few months since release. And surely the 900ULR probably doesn’t differ too much from the 900 but they would still need some time to get accurate information on the 900ULR and it’s capacities in fuel, maximum passenger in a config that would allow more than what Singapore has now and still be able to do a whopping 17 or 18h+ flight and Cargo capacities for such longs flights, and then there is a lot more behind the scenes stuff we don’t know about.

  3. You are thinking, 787-10 got released before launch, yeah and look at it, it’s not accurate in many areas. I find myself being able to do crazy long flights when it is heavy. The range is odd and for being a longer variant of the -8 and -9, it still feels like flying the shorter versions. Sure there probably isn’t much difference between them, but I notice not that much changed and now today in 2019 where IFLLC focuses on quality to max, they want to give us the best of the best possible product, then I think they are not wanting to give us a half ready A350. Then again it would be nice to have info on the issue or what’s going on back there but that is something I can’t anser on.

All in all, the A350 is coming, that is something we do know but the cause behind it not being released yet, there are many speculations out there, and a few that I covered now. They aren’t strongly supported, but rather vague in many cases. But I would say that the amount of Information Airbus is safe with releasing doesn’t meet what IFLLC was hoping to receive, their expectations were not met with the info give at this point? The I also wonder, if a A350 model with all the specs would kill the App? They could be trying to downscale the files, be having rendering issues, something is missing due to lack of info, again… so there could be a lot going on behind, and it is not always so easy to tell the public about what the difficulties are…

Airbus A350-900, A350-1000, A350-900ULR and a future possible 1000ULR, will be seeing the day and night of Infinite Flight, but as of now, we don’t know when. And as much as I would like information on what is holding them back from release, I think I’m gonna stick to my believes and speculation as stated above, and whether they are false or true, it doesn’t matter to me that much, because in the end, each the day reaches its end and another begins, resulting the day of A350’s launch nearing by every hours that passes by!


Did Airbus announce a new plane? Wow I need to make a feature request for that!

Anyways,amazing presentation! A lot more people will probably understand now,but I’m pretty sure that IFLLC will possibly consider giving us a high quality Airbus!


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll fix that now. Didn’t have my glasses on, so I’m bound to mistype then 😓


Officially the best formatted feature request on the IFC, nice job! You’ve got my vote!


I hope this livery makes it.


This is A350 of China Eastern Airlines.


I think so. It is actually one of the most beautiful A350 liveries.


As the a10 has working instruments. When ever this aircraft is given birth to infinite flight I expect working instruments and more 😂😏


OOOF. My phone is a bit laggy even on low settings while flying the A10.