Airbus A350XWB Family

757 votes for an Airbus Aircraft? (It’s a sign! Airbus CEO appears: It’s all a dream my boy, it’s aaaalllll a dream)


I think they added the previous votes for this aircraft


At one time, this was the most voted request. I think the devs got the message that the community wants the a350.


Lol, this topic now has 757 votes
I certainly hope to see this wonder fly in IF sometime soon! (And I wish that AA would re-consider their decision to cancel their A350 orders… :D)

There we go! Anyone know what caused the vote-count to go to zero?


The IF A350 debate has been going on for much longer than the new winglets have been around. If we got the A350 when people started asking for it they wouldn’t have existed. Now they do and that’s my point.

I never said they were introduced when I posted. In fact, nothing I wrote implied specifically when the winglets were introduced. “The dinosaurs went extinct and now cars exist” doesn’t suggest that cars are new at all. Anyways I don’t want to lawyer here, back to the A350:

Someone else mentioned how the old winglets gave it more character. Aesthetically I actually agree, the new ones, while larger, do look a bit more conventional imo. However, they’re a lot more efficient and now all A350s without them look dated. Dated is not a quality I want from an A350. Also, it makes every A350 look like a ULR which is pretty great :)


I bring good news for all you A350 fanatics.



and yes here is their first delivery Airbus A350-900LR


I think it’s a good sign that they’ve reopened the old thread and merged the two now. Also their responses have been a lot more positive about adding this aircraft.

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I really don’t get why everyone wants to see this plane in Infinite Flight. I really don’t. I mean, what would this plane bring to the game? A new exterior model. That’s it. And since it probably won’t come with working cockpit instruments or unique sound effects, it will be very very similar to the 787. With the addition of a Twin Otter (just as an example) you would at least get some realistic island hopping or mountain exploring. But you don’t even get those kind of experience with the A350 as there are very little of those kind of special routes you could fly.

Personally, I’d prefer the addition of general stuff like better lighting or working cockpit instruments (or the rework of existing things like the F/A 18 which is in a terrible shape) instead of just a new exterior model.

But it seems like not many people support my opinion here 😂😅


I do think your opinion is great. That’s why we need diversity. But here is why people want the A350.

  • It looks great!

  • Its got range for people who like Ultra Long-Haul flying.

  • Its an airliner (lol)

  • Its starting to get more popular in the skies, so most want to fly one.


Many ask the question why we added or edited GA?

The same I say I think GAs boring me personally it does not bring much because it just is not my interests … If you are not in need then you do not have to vote for it but you can not be of the opinion that everyone does not want … the but you can not be of opinion … I think you should write somewhere else or vote for the topics that you think are important … But please let everyone follow their own opinion

Good night/day


If that’s the case, we really don’t need the A350 then. We have plenty of aircraft that look great (the 787 looks almost identical). We have a large seelction of long haul aircraft, which are also airliners. Just saying 🤷🏼‍♂️

@MK7, He is perfectly able and allowed to give his opinion about the aircraft as long as it’s constructive, kind, and valid. (See moderator notice in original post).


The same is true for you … Everyone can vote and argue as he wants … One can be the opinion of another … I think we should stay with the topic

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The 787 is also an old model and nowhere near the standards set by the CRJ/MD11?forthcoming TBM. Some of the textures look fairly low quality on this plane now.

And anyway, IRL, the A350 is a much, much more elegant airplane than the 787. People who say they are the same is like saying the A330 and 777 are the same, or a lamborghini and ferrari are the same, it’s ludicruous.


Like I said, they’re nearly identical.


But it is more of an argument that aims negative things … Everyone can have what he wants for it there are votes but say “I do not understand why everyone wants this and that” is up to each one … In the end it counts what IF says … we wait patiently


True True, but they probably got tired of flying the same thing over and over. Plus, there are some airlines on the A350 that the 787 doesn’t have. (Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Delta just to name a few). But you are entitled to your own opinion, and I won’t change that.


The 787 is a high quality aircraft and is in fact with the same textures as the newer aircraft just not the same detail (as the increased detail was added with the CRJs). All the recent aircraft have 4K texture which the 787 was the first to have. All you are lacking on the 787 are the extra stuff like opening cargo doors, etc. None of that affects the flight physics or the operational ability of the aircraft they are just extra stuff.