Airbus a350

2 a350 come to YUL from toulouse. I go to spot them

We are coming !

Here we go !

Let’s zoom a little bit on the a350-900

Let’s zoom on the a350-1000

Now let’s zoom on the background

Hi ! air Canada

Let’s zoom on the a350-900 (FLIGHT LAB!)

Now on the a350-1000

That it ! Bye everyone!

They are now at toulouse


Nice bro ✅✅✅

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Thanks bro 😉

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This pictures was taking by an iPhone 12 Pro max

Lovely photos!

I believe the reason for this is Airbus is testing something interesting…


Yes thanks

Nice pics✅

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Hey bro, welcome to the community. Thanks. I guess you love it 😉

Have fun in the community

Thank you my good man.

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