Airbus A350 stall

I recently tried to fly an A350 up to FL430, however, despite having full thrust and flaps on 0, the speed started to decrease past 40,000ft and the aircraft stalled at around 41,000ft. I also had to keep 100% thrust to keep the plane stable, however, this eventually became ineffective. I cannot seem to fly safely past FL400.


Were you flying a heavy flight, with a lot of fuel, passengers and cargo perhaps? Weight come to my mind firstly, as one of many factors that could lead to your flight stalling as it reaches FL400, right after takeoff.

Additionally, what was you V/S when climbing up to FL400?

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Something tells me this will turn into a conversation about E G G.

Anyway, varys on what the parameters of your aircraft were. If it was a heavy aircraft or the weather conditions were not good, your aircraft may trip and stall. If you want to play E G G, keep the things bare, cargo low, passengers low, fuel as much as needed. Then just step climb and hope for the best.

Also, keep your VS from being too high and keep your pitch lowish at cruise, otherwise you can decrease speed and stall.

The aircraft was light and weather conditions were clear.

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And this part, how high was you V/S as you passed through FL350-FL400, approximately ?

Also, your speed at that point, Mach 0.??

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At FL410, I set the autopilot to climb to FL430 and the V/S gradually increased, along with pitch, however, I can’t remember the value.

I don’t think there is any other reason than you being to heavy. You have to be very light to go that high.

If it helps, I had 24% fuel [for a flight around the south of France and the Mediterranean, taking off and landing at Toulouse]

If you try to fly up to FL430 once again, then have minimal cargo and passengers. I don’t know what values you had during this flight, but keep it low to make it easy for you. Then as you reach FL280 confirm that you are flying at Mach 0.85 and that is set on the AP. Then as you reach near FL300, and onwards to FL400, don’t exceed more than… well, let’s say 1800-2200 V/S. Once near FL400, have it around 400-1200 V/S. That way you should be able to climb to FL430 without step climbing, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Ok, thanks for your help.

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i was able to not stall, i stayed at fl 400 tho

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