Airbus A350 Rework

First off, I really appreciate the A350 being added to IF. It was a very long time coming and I’m thankful it’s finally here. That said, there are several key issues with the 3D model that prevent me from flying it regularly. I hope this topic will demonstrate the community’s support for fixing our favorite bird and help make it perfect like it was always meant to be.

In order of descending significance these issues are:

  1. The cockpit
  2. The wing color
  3. The winglet

If these three issues were addressed, I would pretty much only fly the A350. However, there are no current plans to resolve them. I hope we can change that by showing our support for this incredible aircraft.

Here is a further breakdown of each issue:

  1. The cockpit of the IF A350 is way larger than the real one. This is by far the most significant issue and will probably be the hardest to fix as well. This fundamentally changes how the IF A350 looks. I’m not a huge stickler for realism but I can’t fly an aircraft with a considerably oversized cockpit.

For context:

  1. The wing of the IF A350 is significantly darker than it should be. This makes it look like an old aluminum wing, not a modern composite one. In reality, the wing is nearly the same color as the fuselage. Look at the Latam A350 on the loading screen and you’ll see.

  2. Plenty of other aircraft in the IF fleet have wingtip devices (and even engines) that are specific to the tail number. Considering how the A350 was expected to have the highest quality, this felt like a step backwards. Please see the following topic that was created during the A350’s development for more details: Upgraded A350 Winglet

Please drop a vote to show your support for fixing our beautiful A350! Hopefully this topic will demonstrate our interest in resolving these issues. If any aircraft ever deserved our help, it’s the A350.

Thank you ✈️

First of all, one picture per request.

The A350 has just come out.

Tyre smoke is something to be thought in the future, not just this specific aircraft.

The windshield has already been addressed and is being looked into for the future.

Oh, and also the winglet as you mentioned has a separate feature request.