Airbus A350 Auckland to Dublin

This time I flew the Airbus a350-900 of Aer Lingus from Auckland to Dublin, a 24 hour long flight. We departed Auckland in the north-west direction and flew to Cairns, after that we continued towards east Indonesia, following by the Philippines, China, Kazachstan, Russia, Scandinavia, England and than we started our descent into Dublin with minimum fuel. It took place on the expert server, the cruise speed was mach 0.84 and I’ve used the step climb method. This was my second longest flight by distance.

Information about this flight;

 • Server: expert server 
 • Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
 • Livery: Aer Lingus 
 • Route: NZAA-EIDW
 • Callsign: Shamrock 350 heavy 
 • Altitude: fl300 - fl320 - fl340 - fl361 - fl381 - fl400 - fl430
 • Speed: mach 0.84 
 • Flight time: 23 hours and 33 minutes 

Far away from home.


Foggy New Zealand.


Foggy Philippines.


China too!

Flying near Moscow.

Descending into a very windy Dublin.

Buttering the bread after a go-around.

Tomorrow I’ll post a screenshots and videos topic about a flight from Hong Kong to Santiago in the Boeing 777F!


Any passengers or cargo?

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Even after a go-around, you had enough fuel?! Impressive!


Yes, but not very many.

Yes, but the ATC shouldn’t let me go-around for a second or a third time😂.

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They can’t stop you if you need to. Did you have enough fuel left to divert?

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They’re not called ‘Air Traffic Command’

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I had enough fuel for another go around but not for a divert voor a suitable airport.

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