Airbus A350-900ULR launched!

Huge congradulations to Airbus and the launch customer, Singapore Airlines! Look forward to seeing the amazing A350 in the NYC area.

Singapore plans on using these planes to fly direct from Singapore to the USA. Ordering a total of 7 airframes, to be delivered in 2018.

May give me a reason to go to EWR perhaps?


I’ll see the normal A359 from cathay on their daily flight from Zurich starting Feb 2016. Maybe SIA will enlarge their route to zurich to two daily flights with A350s instead of an A380 flight? not very likely but who knows!

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Would love to see A350 service from SQ to ZRH! Also looking forward to CX. I was very hyped when I heard it. And the A350 of CX should be painted in the new livery Nick! Even better!

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Congratulations was spelt wrong


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MTOW increase from 268 to 280t. The A359LR will use the fuel and tank system of the A350-1000 increasing useable fuel to 165.000 litres. Wing-body fairing reinforced structure like on the A350-1000. The MLG will stay a 4wheel bogie.

@Rotate It’s all in the link
@freddiefrogs So… People misspell words…

People do, I was just telling you that it could be corrected

Looks like the 787 is gonna have some pretty stiff competition

I still think B has a slight advantage over A in the widebody segment. (Saying that as an A fanboy)The availability of their planes and a wider range of longhaul aircrafts to cover different markets. A is still giving away a nice piece of the cake in the 350-400PAX market for atleast another 2-3years until the A350-1000 comes. This is where the hotseller B77W is doing damage today to A. A also still has to deal with the gap from the A350-1000 up to the A380, a gap that will be filled again by B, called the B777-9?!? The NB market however is all in A’s hands, no doubt. Sorry just felt like writing a book :D You’re right, competition’s getting stronger for B!

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And with the A350-900ULR, the first long route will be probably be Singapore to John F Kennedy!
One of my fav. routes being re-started again!

It will start from 2018, saw it in a Facebook Post…

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Confirmed JFK or are they returning to EWR?

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It will probably be JFK, I saw a picture of The Statue of Liberty and it said coming soon.

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Still the record for the longest and fastest route belongs to the 777-200LR. Check the Guinness book of world records 😉

@Heavydriver I meant the first long route of the new A350-900ULR will be SIN - NYC ;)

Hong Kong - London

Hong Kong to London east bound, 11,664 nautical miles (21,601 km) during its 22-hour 42-minute flight.

Boeing was just having fun…

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I Heard They Increased the Range to 9.800 NM (CMIIW) and Fuel Tanks too… I Think A359ULR can replace B77W on Some European routes that aren’t Profitable to SIA. Probably The first route will be Singapore to Newark cause I Heard before A359ULR Launched, SIA Planned to “Resurrect” SIN-EWR Route

They’ve been rather hushed up about the destination airport so I’ll hold my breath on my thoughts. EWR is close to thr financial center of NYC but JFK is the airport to go to for long hauls out of JFK. Connections at both airports are relatively good so it’s a fair tie bet. them.

If the range is 9,800 mi., that is amazing! Blows the range of the 777-8X out of the water

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@Boeing707 here’s the link ;)