Airbus A350-900 South African Livery

Hi guys, it’s me again. As you can see, this is one more SAA Livery request for the Airbus A350-900.
A few weeks ago South African Airways announced that they will be leasing two brand new Airbus A350-900’s from Air Mauritius for a duration of three years, and putting them into service later in 2019 on the JNB - JFK route. And yes, both Airbus A350-900’s will be in the SAA livery.

As of now, there are no images of the SAA livery on the Airbus A350-900s, however, there are some concept designs. Nevertheless, the A350-900 is beneficial for SAA as it can carry the same amount of passengers and cargo as the Airbus A340-600 (current aircraft operating the JNB-JFK route), along with saving up to 25% on fuel. Thus, aiding SAA in its turnaround plan.

Furthermore, as the Airbus A350 is in development, I thought it was reasonable to make this request. As of right now, there is no further information on SAA and its two Airbus A350-900s. As soon as more information such as callsigns, images, and delivery dates, etc. I will update it here.

This is a concept design.


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Here he is


oooohh la la!!
That looks noice!
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Btw wuts JNB?


Here is the news

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So that A350 is going to LATAM then…

The title says

“South Africa’s first Airbus A350 is caught: plane would go to LATAM”



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No guys, I think it was misunderstood, this aircraft would go to LATAM, No more, will stay in South African

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Yes JNB is Johannesburg.

All righty then!

LATAm gave up some A350’s due to low demand. Also the whole Delta situation LATAM is in with. Anyways if there was not low demand this A350 would have gone to LATAM, but instead, as clearly seen in the picture above. This A350 went to SAA.

Anyway, I would love to see this livery come out with the A350.

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So I just misunderstood the title of the article.

I am a so dumb!

No ur not!
I am…

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Um, ok. Look no one is dumb here. Back on topic.

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Maybe because the material was in Portuguese (BR) you got it wrong, but this A350 will be in SAA

I really want this in IF, I gave my vote


Here is a more specific article. With the Latam Situation, callsign (ZS-SDC) 😎, and more.


Now a quality photo, credits are in the photo


can’t wait to fly this (I hope lol) buttery bird from FOAR-KJFK!

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Stunning! 🔥😍