Airbus A350-900 Philippine Airlines “Love Bus” Livery

This is one of the first A350 planes delivered to PAL but this one isn’t just a simple PAL livery it’s has a unique Iivery into it which is as you can see on the front of plane saying “Love Bus” and has a kiss under it

What is this livery and why it’s special?
This livery is based off the 80s and 90s retro livery of PAL and Airbus long partnership and as a celebration for long partnership they’ve decided to bring it back and paint it with a special emblem on the front of the plane which is the Love bus emblem

          Why we want it 

It’s a unique and interesting livery we could have no other kind of plane has this livery in the game so it would be nice to have a sexy and a very beautiful livery like this one ☝️ we got here imagine how far we could travel as part of IFPHG we could finally go from Manila to New York and fly ultra ultra long hauls

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Oh… so that what this Special Livery is called. Now I’m curious to know why it is called “Love Bus”, like what is the motive behind this, what does it symbolize?

I understood this part, but what does it mean for the Philippines?

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I think it is called “Love Bus” because a lot of people like the Airbus A350

Edit: Nevermind.

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Hold up. I think it has ties to the Beatles

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The Beatles have probably nothing to do with this aircraft,I mean,it at least looks more similar to The Rolling Stones than The Beatles.

Musicians aside,the origins of this livery are from when Philippine Airlines received its very first jet from Airbus in 1979, an Airbus A300, and to celebrate the delivery of the first Airbus jet, the A300 had a special livery on its fuselage that said “The Love Bus” with a lip painted below the front.This jet marked the beginning of PAL’s deep rooted partnership with Airbus, which continues to this day.



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Oh, that’s pretty cool. Shows their loyalty and continued partnership with Airbus. Thanks for the explanation, 日本人 Waffles :)

(I knew those JPN lessons would come handy one day XD)


Привет, Сообщество

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What he said^^

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Also to celebrate the 40th year of Airbus And PAL’s partnership

nakuha mo ang aking boto!

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Definitely would like to see this whenever the a350 is released

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You should join us in IFPHG we need more Philippine and international pilots

Yes please 😍

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More votes ! :)