Airbus A350-1000XWB

The highly anticipated A350-900 has finally been added to Infinite Flight. We are all loving it. However, it lacks the British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and much more more liveries. That’s because those liveries don’t exist on the A359. That’s why the A35K should be added into the game. It is a longer A359 with extra gears. It also has those liveries like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, etc… It definitely wouldn’t take as long to make as the A359 did because it’s just a longer A359! With the potential of the 777 Rework being finished and a possible 787 live cockpit in 20.1. I think the perfect time for this aircraft to arrive would be 20.2 and maybe 20.3. Thank you for your time and happy flying!!

British Airways A350-1000XWB


Have a look at this post of Jason. Thank you!