Airbus A350-1000

I just searched and didn’t found anything but Airbus A350-1000 would be a nice edition as it had already took it’s first flight nearly 4-5 months ago if I am right , I hope it gets added with a lots of Livery

Whoops ;)


And sorry it’s also a duplicate ;-;

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I requested the -1000 not with a Livery request or just A350 @Joshua_Fleming and @SingaporeAirlines

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Yeah, but it’s still considered as a duplicate unfortunately as Airbus A350 topic has covered all of the variants (Incl. A359 and A35J). Once again I’m really sorry for the inconvinience

Someone’s topic has also been closed several days ago as he was also requesting A350-900 (Which is considered to be a duplicate of Airbus A350 Topic)