Airbus A340 Rework

All the other threads were closed, apologies if this is a duplicate.

I think it’s high time for an A340 rework. It’s missing a ton of liveries, and needs a rework just as much as the A330. Thanks to all votes!

Umm Hi, well the picture is showcasing a A340-300 since SAS does not own any -600 variants. Just to let you know that :)

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Gah! Fixed it

Seems like they’re going for individual threads.

“We have noted the community desire for this. Thanks for everyone’s input. Your votes have been returned to you as this has been closed. You may use your vote for another feature such as a specific variant of the A340.”

This means specific threads for the a340-XXX, instead of just the entire family. :)

They’re looking for threads like these: Airbus A340-300