Airbus A340 landing help

Whenever i tries to land the A340, the nose always goes up, than i contains a “nose First landing” help me!!!

What’s your typical landing speed?

Also make sure your flaps are set to full and that you have calibrated your device before the landing.

As the A340 is an old model, if you use full flaps you need to fly pretty slowly to land it correctly. Things you can do:

  • Increase weight
  • Choose a setting with less flaps
  • Slow down
  • Get over it

OK! Thanks i gonna try

155-160knt, thats when i try in solo

That’s rather fast.

As @MishaCamp was saying you need to slow down and control your vertical speed, weather conditions can cause this too.

Make sure to use the flare method for you landing. Meaning raising the nose before touch down.

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Misha did this, he now doesn’t care that he crashes every landing attempt…


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