Airbus A340 Family

Fortunately, there still a market for the aircraft with Delta Airlines. Not sure how much longer hawaiian airlines will hold on to theirs. You’re obviously not an MD lover.

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I do indeed love the mds, but I just don’t like the B717, even tho it’s the same aircraft basically :P


So…you like the MD series (I mean 80’s series jets) but not the 717?
A DC-9 is slightly shooter than a 717.
A MD-80 is longer than the 717.
What gives? Or is this a T-tail thing?
You may not like 717’s but they sure are a remnant of the past.

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Cathay pacific A340-300 pls!!!
Although it is going to retire!!!

Make the A340-300 great again!
I hope to fly this aircraft with the long take off roll and low climbing rate :)

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nobody never adds Aerolineas Argentinas hahaha, i know its crappy but it exists!

Singapore Airlines has Retired all of A343 (It was replaced By B772) and all of it’s A345




If only the SIA A345 was here… And then maybe in the years to come, the A350ULR is here… We could have both fly the longest route ever in GF

Another request: Even though I hate it, please add that godawful early Star Alliance livery:

@NatIsrael972 @LufthansaA340 1:Can’t edit original post for being too old. 2:Requests for liveries on threads like these are no longer permitted. I wrote this topic when it was still permitted. 3: Refer to #1 why I can’t fix the livery part.

Please create separate topics for different liveries, only 1 request per topic.

Be sure to read this

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Can you add the CX one the 300 not the 200 and or the one world livery

I am aware, but as I have stated previously:
1: This was made before the new rules have been added

2: I have no way to change it, since I can neither use the edit tool, nor make the topic a wiki (and modify that way).

Got my vote!!

Uhm… I guess this should be closed, it doesn’t fit the feature request guidelines

I’d love an A330 rework with all models, maybe with air berlin, QANTAS & Virgin Australia liveries. I agree A340 is getting thrown out, but the a330 is still a competent aircraft, and it needs some work.

If it didn’t it would have been closed a long time ago

Yeah the Topic is 1 year old