Airbus A340 Family


This is a very overlooked aircraft, anyway, here is what should be added:

Air France
Airbus House Colors
Cathay Pacific
Egypt Air

Air Canada
Air China
Aif France
Air maurititis
Air Tahiti Nui
China Airlines
China Eastern
China Southern
Edelweiss Air
Gulf Air
Virgin Atlantic

Air Canada
Air Asia X
Singapore Airlines
Thai Airways

Specifications (A340-200):
Maximum land weight: 181 Tons
MTOW: 275 tons
Max zero fuel weight: 169 tons
Max Passengers: Unknown (261 typical)

Specifications (A340-300):
Maximum land weight: 190 Tons
MTOW: 276.5 tons
Max zero fuel weight: 183 tons
Max Passengers: 440

Specifications (A340-500):
Maximum land weight: 246 Tons
MTOW: 380 tons
Max zero fuel weight: 230 tons
Max Passengers: 375
(Since this comes from Airbus, the weight is not in Kilograms, the weight measurement used in Infinite Flight. Could someone please convert to Kilograms?)

Argentina Region - Aerolineas Argentinas livery on the 737 - A330 - A340
Airbus a340 family livery requests
Airbus A340-300
Airbus A340-300

I dont see the point in adding another a340


If the developers can add every 737… AND 747… AND 777… I am sure they can add the a340s. Besides, until the A320 update comes out, there has never been an Airbus-related update.


Yes when they added in the a380


And anyways its a fuel hog and lots of airlines are starting to get rid of them for fuel efficient planes


5 updates for airbuses


If they can add a B77F, B772 and B77W i don’t see a problem with adding more variants of the A340 imo


Well airlines are dumping it whats the point


HA HA HA. Only 6 current operators for the 717. Not just the 717-200, but at all! See, infinite flight does not mind jets of the past.


The a340 we have is just fine


You call 9 Liveries fine?? Number 6 is just a copy or number 4, and number 9 is the generic, so only 7 operators are mentioned!


All of you why arguing?? We can have half painted KLM, half Painted Air France. obviously It’s same company😜 ooh d’oh KLM don’t have A340.


Not the place for this. This should be posted in Features.


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Not sure if this qualifies. I guess this topic is more to keep track of the liveries?


Sorry, Sean, only picked this up in last 5 mins.


I’m thinking it should of stayed in general unless you want David to chime in lol :)


I think it was David Israel that put Nicholas’s topic in the General category, so I’m leaving this one there too


Air canada does have an a340 but got rid of it