Airbus A340 Family Rework

Can’t forget the Aerolíneas Argentinas A340-200:


lol, i was going just to add the same one. ARSA 340200 is missing

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in fact, that same plane ZPJ, is the one my dad done his last comercial flight Miami Buenos Aires, that is my profile pic

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Yeah- I love Aerolíneas- I took to Salta and Iguazú from Buenos Aires when we went a few years ago. Next year, we’re probably going to take Aerolíneas from Buenos Aires to JFK- can’t wait for that- I have always wanted to take Aerolíneas long haul.

Eurowings A340-300, anyone?

Photo Credit: Eurowings


Can’t have an aircraft without a paint scheme:

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The SAS livery for the -300 suits it really well.

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I like to see the Sri lankas A340-300 on IF.


What happen to American and delta airlines

Please add AirBlue in list of liveries of A340-300

Do not forget also this wonder of the new airline JOON (subsidiary of Air France) with their A340-300 which formerly belonged to Air France.

Credit :


It would be nice to see the A340-600 rework happen with the A330-300 since they both have the same cockpit, same type rating etc. In the unlikely event that we get another version of it, the A340-300 would be the one to choose in my opinion. It has the most operators (most liveries) and its the most built model.

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I had no idea the -300 was the most operated, I thought it was the -600. The -300 is a beauty to spot

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American and Delta don’t/haven’t operated the A340.

Livery list of the A340-300 (not every operator included, most of them still in service):

Aerolíneas Argentinas
Air Belgium (new to IF)
Air France
Hi Fly (new to IF)
JOON (new to IF)
Lufthansa (largest operator; recommend adding the Star Alliance livery)
Philippine Airlines
SAS Scandinavian Airlines
South African Airways
Swiss International Air Lines
Tap Air Portugal
Turkish Airlines

Livery list of the A340-600 (not every operator included, most of them still in service):

Etihad Airways
Lufthansa (largest operator)
Mahan Air (new to IF)
Qatar Airways
South African Airways
Thai Airways
Virgin Atlantic


The Turkish Airlines have 4 from this beatyfull livree

Lufthansa really loved the A340 program


So I do. The A340 is an awesome plane, and it always surprises me how silent it is, given that it has 4 engines and was developed in the 1980s. Lufthansa’s A340-600 has probably the coolest feature, the lavatories are downstairs in a huge compartment in the cargo hold. Due to this fact the lavatories are really big and you have some space to move around, really nice for those 13-hour flights from Munich to Los Angeles for example.


Im sure this would come with the A330 rework when we get it but this one is in far more need of a rework than the A330. At least you get to your destination with fuel. I’ve done flights on this thing packing in 2-3 hours extra fuel and still somehow I arrive on emergency fuel. The A330 fuel flow is an overestimate while the A340s is way underestimated. Example, would be that I packed 14hours of fuel (over 300,000lbs) for a 10 hours flight and landed with 2min left. The fuel flow at take off was 25-26,000lbs an hour. Comparable to a 747 yet somehow still not enough. In addition, the flight physics seem to come from a A340-200/300 rather than the -600 as is in IF. The best example of this is the climb rate. The A340-200/300 has a really shallow climb rate of around 2300fpm at most, while the A340-600 has a climb rate closer to 2800fpm. In IF to gain any speed you need to climb around 2000-2300fpm to slowly gain speed. I can say I wont be using this aircraft again until it is reworked.


I know! Such a majestic aircraft ruined in IF by bad physics and flight model. I think we really need to focus on reworking current aircraft, not adding new ones.

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