Airbus A340 Family Rework


6As you all know that the Airbus A340-600 has started to show its age ,with the rework they should also add the a340-200 ,a340-300 ,a340-500 and rework the a340-600 and make it’s flight physics better
Image of a Airbus A340-300 of Sabena below

Source -

 Livery list is below

Airbus A340-200
Air France
AOM French Airlines
Austrian Airlines
Air Leisure
Cathay Pacific

Airbus A340-300

Virgin Atlantic Airways
Turkish Airlines
TAP Portugal
SriLankan Airlines
South African Airways
Singapore Airlines
Safi Airlines
Sabena (main photo one)
Philippine Airlines
Olympic Airways
Mahan Air
Iberia(Old and New both)
Gulf Air
China Southern Airlines
China Eastern Airlines
China Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Austrian Airlines
AOM French Airlines
Air Tahiti Nui
Air Mauritius
Air Madagascar 
Air France
Air China
Air Canada
Aeroliness Argentinas

Airbus A340-500

Air Canada
Singapore Airlines
Thai Airways

Airbus A340-600

Virgin Atlantic
Thai Airways
South African Airways
Qatar Airways
Mahan Air
Iberia(old and new both)

Rework A330/340
Must Read Argument Of Improvement.
Air Tahiti Nui | A340-300
Airbus A330 Rework
Air Belgium A340-300

@B747fan sorry to say but this topic is actually a duplicate.


Not anymore, Misha just closed the other one


Well there’s still a separate topic for A340-300?


That’s different, it’s requesting just the A340-300, while this one is asking for better flight physics, updated liveries etc.


i just voted it is needed
Better source to the image


What so you think about the Sabena A340? I find that livery pretty nice and average ;)


See this image


If they add Iberia, they must add both old and new liveries!


By the way Happy Birthday @brunocr98


Definitely needed ,it can’t be forgotten as it is the predecessor to my precious A350


This is like the 4th post I’ve seen about this


Flying JFK-LHR on a Virgin Atlantic A340-600 on Friday. Red-eye! It will be my first heavy plane I’ve ever gone on! (I’ve only been 757)
This earned a vote!


You forgot the livery of Aerolineas Argentinas (A340-200/-300).
P.S. Great feature request!


Even though they are rather fuel inefficient, I love 'em


We need this rework A340 is a fantastic plane 😍👌


Current a346 flies rather bad.


I bought this a few years ago and was really disappointed. Needs an update :)


This needs to be updated!


There is already some trouble with the A330 rework so let’s try to do one rework at a time ;)