Airbus a340 family livery requests

Hey all fellow IF pilots, I was just searching the forum for this and couldn’t find it, so I have decided to create a topic on the a340 family livery requests. Particularly because there aren’t many a340-600 liverys to choose from. If I were to add another a340-600 livery it would be Iberia.
I would just like to know what you guys would choose for the a340 family in general. If I were to choose a none existing plane in IF such as a340-300 I would really like to see the Swiss livery.
Comment your thoughts below.
Massimo_Murgida (Spectrum Australia)

Cathay A343.

What about their A346? They retired from the fleet in 2008 and it went to Hainan Airlines

In addition it would be far better to make single topics for each livery you would like to suggest, not make one big topic to suggest them all. You may have got this idea from seeing the a320 post made by boeing707, this is different as the a320 has already been announced, while new liveries for the a340 and/or new a340 variants have not

Besides, this was originally my topic.
@Rotate thank you.

It’s very annoying for people suggesting one livery, let’s say the Aer Lingus a330-300 to have their topic merged with someone who has made a topic saying add all the a330-300 liveries and the a330-200 (in my opinion the person requesting the Aer Lingus is not in the wrong and it is the person requesting all the a330 liveries is in the wrong, my reasoning is as follows If that logic was applied I could just make a topic saying add all planes, liveries and regions to IF and then everyone’s topic would be merged with mine,)

Where’s the Moderator? Make a Ruling… Redundant then pin it. Max Sends

I shall sit here and wait with my popcorn in pepsi in hand waiting for the swiss community to come and put in two requests each for the Swiss International A340-300.

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Ok, well I searched the forum for anything to do with a340. Now, I was unable to find anything and so I created this topic. Yes I admit it was a mistake given there there already was a similar topic on it, however it’s not entirely my fault if I was unable to find the already existing topic. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

And the Swiss community to suggest the Edwellis air livery for the A343.

For future reference I would advise you to take a screenshot of the no results for the a340, that’s what I always do in case it’s a duplicate, but it’s ok, we all make mistakes

Turkish Airlines A340-300

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