Airbus A340-600 spoilers

I was lucky enough to fly on the magestic Airbus A340-600. And something I noticed was that like the 787, the A340-600 uses it’s aelerons as spoilers. But in IF its not like that.
In the real world:

In Infinite Flight:

I know a rework is coming and I want you to add this feature with it


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I think that is the airleron being moved not the spoilers.


Yep it’s just an aileron on the plane in the IRL picture being moved. If you look you can replicate that in IF.


NO! IT IS NOT. This pic. was took a moment after touching down.

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A moment. It is still a possibility that the yoke or joystick was moved right before touchdown and wasn’t moved back straight away.


Hmm I just looked on the Internet. Some images had the aileron tilted up and others didn’t.

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The A380 has it as well

On the exit way:

Unless there is a full video, and we can see both sides, there is no way to be sure.

It’s not. I have seen the same thing happen on an A321. Twice.

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The A340 is a super old model. I honestly wouldn’t bother reporting bugs with it since it will probably get a rework sometime in the future, which will hopefully add this feature. :)


Check this out ;)

Yes you are correct. source :

Quote : finally managed to do a bit of digging through the maintenance manuals today. The A340-500/-600 ailerons are indeed commanded to deflect upwards at landing as part of the spoiler system. The flight control system on the A330 and A340-200/-300 is different so the ailerons aren’t used as lift dumpers on those.


Good digging!

Known issue. Not really a bug though. Just an old model.


How do you know a rework is coming?

Yeah the A340 should be reworked and all of this should be fixed.

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