Airbus A340-600 light rework

It’s also sad because the A340 family will be out of service in the near future. I think Airbus has stopped production of it because new twin engine aircraft will take its place like the A350 family. Qatar already retired their A340 family. Its not that fuel efficiant than the twin engine aircraft. It sucks to me becuase I love this aircraft.


Jeez I just flew the Flying Pencil and immediately noticed some problems, especially with this:

A downward 10-degree pitch while having the fpv at the 15-degree upward pitch mark. Results in -2000 fpm on final.

See, I think this rework is so necessary because it can ease up problems when flying the A340. In fact, last time I checked, it hasn’t be updated for 5 years thus now being out of shape for us pilots.


The light rework for the A330 really brought it back to life, that’s what I’m hoping for the A346 too.

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Since the A340-600 lacks a lot of details after the release in 2013, some people started complaining about the animated parts and glitches found on the A340-600, so it should be reworked with some features new just like the A330, which has been reworked about 3 to 4 months ago.


I have to agree!
The A346 should be able to climb alot better than it is now too. A light rework will do the aircraft a lot of justice especially in the physics department.

a light rework would be a waste of time. id rather the devs just get on with it and do a full rework

I feel like we just need a change with descending… Every time I am landing at -700 fpm its looks like I am doing a nose dive…

a full rework won’t be completed until late 2020 (if the A340 gets reworked next after the 777 what’s highly unlikely). If you look at the A330 you’ll see that the popularity really increased afterwards and the plane is nice to fly. The A340 is on the best way to become another Globemaster.

To bump this up, the A340-600 would be a brilliant plane with a light rework. The a330 is great, but the 346 is really lacking.
Seeing as the 330 rework was added so quickly, I think it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see it reworked soon.


Voted. the a340-600 really needs a rework as the physics of the aircraft aren’t really good.

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Why does this request has so few votes?

Where are all the people from the /would you rather:IF edition who vote for A346 after the B752?

Let’s give this a bump!

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No light rework. Full rework.
The current condition of this aircraft is terrible. Merely a soft rework can’t meet the current standard.


Is there even a post for a full rework of the A346?

How come this feature has so few votes? 😢
Its such an awesome airplane.


No. There no post for a full rework. It’s been closed a long time ago.

For this rework I would say give the poor thing some spinners and actual fan blades that’s it and maybe one more livery

strange to see this topic open, the main one was closed


My main idea was a soft rework like the one for the A333. Should make the aircraft more „flyable“.

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