Airbus A340-600 House Colors (old)

Nice livery that should be in the game


May you share the photo credits, pls? :) if it’s not your own

Would be nice for a A340 rework


Like @mbmhwue148 Said, You should put the owner of the photo or link the source of the picture
Thanks :)


Please no god no ! NOOOOOO!!!

I have the source :)

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I don’t really like it:-/

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Nobody flies the house livery now, it doesn’t seem worth it.

Everybody is different

Open the emergency exit door next farthest back and you will see the word “Fart”. Yes, it’s true.

But on serious note, yea, this would be cool ;).

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  • Yes, it’s nice to have this
  • No, we aren’t rolling with this

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