Airbus A340-600 full Rework

Hey guys 👋, hope Y’all have a good week and stay safe. I’m making this feature request for a full rework to this aircraft.

I think it would be amazing to have the Airbus A340-600 completely reworked, since the Airbus A330 is coming very soon it will be faster to made it since they have very similar characteristics like the fuselage, tail, rudder, and even then wings, the difference between the A330 and A340 are obviously the length, range and weight, some minor changes to the wing and cockpit etc.

Airbus A340-600 History

I think that with this aircraft we will be more diverse and it’ll be more fun for everyone, the A340-600 is becoming a super rare aircraft in the skies, it was the longest aircraft in the world by the time it was build and many cool and important airlines operated them like Virgin Atlantic, Qatar airways, Iberia, Lufthansa, etc.

The advantage of voting for this aircraft is that we’re requesting only for the -600 since the new policy don’t involve other aircraft series, so it’s possible that it won’t take that long! 🤩

My opinion: The A340-600 was one of the oldest aircraft IF has, it’s no longer able to fly like the 777, 787, A330, A350, etc. The aircraft needs a full rework.


What’s your opinion?, would you like to have this aircraft on the sim?

Feel free to vote or comment your opinion ✅😁

Definitely love the A340-600 by Lufthansa ^^

something very similar to this, no?

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Full rework/light rework. You’re almost best off reworking it fully given its age. Stick with the “light rework” topic for now please.

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