Airbus A340-600 Full Rework Reopening

Firstly, yes, I know there is a thread for the A340 rework, however it’s a “soft rework” thread. I want the full rework one reopened because the A340 just sucks. A “soft” rework wouldn’t be enough. Why am I so certain of this?

Well, back in 19.1, the A330 had a soft rework and the thread closed. However the result was a disaster. Sure the A330 got better. But not good enough like a clean-sheet plane. The community would keep creating topics to re-open the thread. What happened when the thread re-opened? BOOM! The very proof of this was that the A330 won the 2020 poll (although by a very small margin) against the A220, thus meaning that, although there was a soft rework, it was still almost as trash.

And I’m almost certain the A340 case would be no different. Surely it’s not the most popular request, but it might be down to the simple fact that the topic that’s currently opened is the “soft” rework, not the FULL rework from ground-up it deserves. Especially considering the fact most aircraft have a FULL rework thread, like the 767, A380 or even the 747, which is actually newer than the A340.


Staff already noted it internally, so there’s no need to make another feature request.

Use your precious votes for other great feature requests :)


No I’m just asking to reopen the thread, not making a new one (hence #general) 😉

Same applies for the closed thread, it got the attention of staff, they noted it, and it’ll be on the list for the future. It was closed because staff understand the desire and concern, and they wanted the people that voted for it to get their votes back for newer, better, and more unique features that may come later down the road.

Trust me, staff haven’t forgotten, they just have other priorities at the moment (such as the heavily anticipated A330 full rework).


I already PMed DeerCrusher a few days ago about making a full rework request and he said to continue the discussion in the soft rework thread. And as other people said it was noted internally, so for now it would be best to continue in the soft rework thread.

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