Airbus A340-500

Whenever we get an a340 rework, I’d like to see this get added in!

Azerbaijan Airlines Airbus A340-500.

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Whats the range of the A345?

Hi @Infinite_flight_HD sorry, unfortunately, because you can’t write a letter on the comment to him and you did not see profile at him?

If I offer you about it Airbus A340-500 has range longer haul than miles.

10,358 miles/ 16,670 km/ 9,001 nautical miles.

Also too I saw a check on the internet for Google information.

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Can’t believe this only has 10 votes.

I thought it had 100 of votes. Dude

I think they should really do an a340 rework, it deserves it and they should totally add the -500 with the update, I don’t think the -500 will be hard to make if the rework the -600 because it’s really almost the same thing except Length and fuel capacity.

GYD-LAX, GYD-EWR, SIN-SFO, there are still so many routes this plane could fly in infinite flight! its very worth it.

Air Canada and Emirates Airbus A340-500 posted a page on Twitter.


Emirates Airbus A340-500

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Well, it is doing better than the A342… 😀 ☹️

Emirates Airbus A340-500 was landing at Osaka, Japan 🇯🇵. June 2005. Posted on Twitter.


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Let’s not forget about the other Air Canada classic!


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Looks like my government is in that country from what country did u take a pic from? It’s used for the sheikh and government of Kuwait.

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Sorry for the late response!

I’m not quite sure actually, it’s hard to tell.

I can’t remember where I took it…



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Its ok no probelm

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After A380, B767, B747, B787 rework it will come to the A340 rework. After this we can push this aircraft and the A340-300 votes up to 2000