Airbus A340-500

The Airbus A340-500

“Ultra-long range by Airbus”

Capable of flying 9,000 nautical miles with a maximum passenger payload, the A340-500 is Airbus’ longest-range jetliner. This extended flight endurance allows the A340-500 to operate many of the world’s longest commercial air routes, including direct Singapore-New York flights with durations of more than 18 hours.

As a jetliner in the A340 product line, it joins the A340-200, A340-300 and A340-600 in fully benefitting from Airbus commonality. All four aircraft can be flown with the same type rating, while the cross-crew qualification concept means pilots can more rapidly qualify for another aircraft type within the Airbus fly-by-wire product line, leading to significant cost savings.

The A340 Family aircraft have amassed some impressive numbers: Over 600 million passengers have flown well over 20 million flight hours and 2.5 million flight cycles with airlines flying A340s as long as 16 hours per day. This illustrates the continued appeal of an aircraft family that introduces passengers to the most modern standards of comfort whilst remaining one of the most reliable, efficient and profitable in the sky.



  • Overall length: 67.93 m (222 ft 10 in)
  • Cabin length: 53.56 m (175 ft 9 in)
  • Fuselage width: 5.64 m (18 ft 6 in)
  • Max cabin width: 5.28 m (17 ft 4 in)
  • Wing span: 63.45 m (208 ft 2 in)
  • Height: 17.53 m (56 ft 8 in)
  • Track: 10.69 m (35 ft 1 in)
  • Wheelbase: 27.59 m (90 ft 6 in)



  • Max seating: 440
  • Typical seating 3-class: 270-310


  • LD3 capacity underfloor: 31
  • Max pallet number underfloor: 10
  • Water volume: 204 m3 (7 194 ft3)


  • Range: 16 670 km (9,000 nm)
  • Mmo: M0.86
  • Max ramp weight: 381.20 tonnes (840.40 lb x 1000)
  • Max take-off weight: 380.00 tonnes (837.80 lb x 1000)
  • Max landing weight: 246.00 tonnes ( 542.30 lb x 1000)
  • Max zero fuel weight: 232.00 tonnes (511.30 lb x 1000)
  • Max fuel capacity: 222 850 litres (58 875 USG)

My opinion

As I’m an A340 fan I would love to see this and more variants with a possible A340 rework. Although it’s sad the A340-500 and the A340 will disappear in the future, we could fly them in IF at least. Many governments use the A340-500 for example the government of Turkey, the government of Algeria, the government of Kuwait, Qatar Emiri Flight and the Royal Thai Air Force.
Additionally, there would be also the possibility to use it as your private jet :)

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Make sure to clear a vote for this beauty if you want to fly it in IF !

Nice topic!

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Thanks ! I appreciate it :)

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Didn’t realize there wasn’t an A345 thread until now. Its enormous range will surely be valued by many that want to pull ultra long haul flights.

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This is really needed; I want to do EWR-SIN with this.


@TOGA Same and as this is really needed I created one :) Its range is just 🤯
@Pingu Yeah this route would be very cool to fly with the A345 !

EWR-SIN was a game changer back then. Remember those takeoff rolls took 1 minute.

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this would be great for long ranges route that airlines used to do long ago

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@TOGA I love it and I call the A340 a late rotater hehe :)
@GameBoy_KIRB yeah it would give me a satisfying feeling 🤤 remember that it‘s never to late to use it as your private jet :)

Well written and great topic!

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this is a great organized topic. Nice job!

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Love it…especially when aircraft like the A343 do long takeoffs 9/10 times. But then you realize that it’s not actually an underpowered aircraft (Lufthansa sent them to KSAN). Genuinely a handsome and impressive aircraft.


@MThef thank you really much !
@Ross also thank you :)
@TOGA completely agree ! Idk but why people don’t vote for the A340 :(

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Just like the 747 don’t we agree?

I know @anon99275236 wont ;)

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i agree

There’s just something about quad engined aircraft that makes them visually appealing. Perhaps it’s the four engines that make them appear more balanced, graceful and proportional (A380 is debatable).

Of course the A340 is no different, and the fact that the A340 thread is locked may indicate a possible rework coming after the 777 (no speculation of course).



Well that’s another topic …
This topic is for this big boi !


Damn that sums it up very good ! Well said :)
They feel kinda heavier, safe and easier to butter !

I really hope so ! Some people forget that the A330 and the A340 have exactly the same cockpit. That’s a lot easier for the devs as they can just copy it :) Another point is that the A340-500 is just a shorter variant of the -600. Their flight physics are pretty much the same, just the performance of the -500 is a bit better.


They do have similar cockpits but there are again subtle differences, such as with the fuel system as well as throttle quadrants. With that being said the cockpit is still similar as well as the fuselage, so then not only can the devs kill two birds with one stone by reworking both the A330 and A340, but we’ll have a legitimate long hauling heavyweight quadjet to fly should the rework ever materialize.


Yeah that would make a lot more sense :)

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Id love to see this one!

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