Airbus A340-300

There probably going to remove the -600 and add the -300 to the game


Another amazing livery. Turkish Airlines with the registration TC-JDM and the city name “Izmir”.
In service: 1996-2019

Not my picture, rights:
TC-JDM | Airbus A340-311 | Turkish Airlines | Mustafa Sandikci | JetPhotos

This aircraft was Turkish Airlines’ first long-haul aircraft fleet to be used to explore North America and East Asia. Turkish technical called this plane “deli mike” which means crazy mike. This name was given to the airplane because the airplane sometimes did crazy things like for example turning the lights on and off by itself or that the emergency exit lights didn’t all come on at the same time but from the back to the front.

I think it is time for an A340-300 and this paintwork, like many others, should not be missing.


The A330neo was like a super random decision, so this variant wouldn’t take that much time to make, let’s hope devs consider adding this variant.


If they did, they would have to rework the A340-600. Nice plane but I don’t have any more votes, however im not that much of a big fan of the a340s.

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We really need this one!! I think is more of this flying on real life then the A340-600


Yes there is and that’s why we need it!


Not to be pushy but we need this aircraft soon in game because just look at this! It’s really sad that they are slowly fading out 😭