Airbus A340-300

waaaw nice one !! like it

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Please add previous operators and add AirBlue in it

I’ve flown air Mauritius many times and flown this plane many times, would be a great addition



The wingflex on this plane is insane.
This my fav A340 livery. The gear tilt was awesome too. if The wing flex and gear tilt can be added when they implement it in IF i woulf be the happiest guy in the world


If the A340-300 is ever in consideration by the developers, there is one, one livery I would like to see the most.

Photo credit: Philipp Schütz,

The registration, M-IABU, is also the initials of the owner’s name, Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov.
He is a Russian oligarch of Uzbek origins.
The aircraft is operated by a Swiss company based in Geneva, Global Jet Concept, but is registered to Klaret Aviation Limited, on the Isle of Man.
He mostly flies between Russia, Uzbekistan, Germany (Munich, Hamburg for tech.), Italy (Island of Sardinia, Olbia), and Switzerland.

Hell, I would even pay an extra to have this livery with the A340-300, if the model was ever to come.

Thank you.


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Don’t forget Emirates and Kuwait Airways!

Gosh I would love to play in IF with this plane with China Airlines or Iberia…

I love it! The engine curve makes it unique in its own way :) take my vote!!

maybe just an a340 rework in general with added liviries like the air new zealand a340.

I wish i had a free vote to give to this feature request. Very good suggestion!

Do we really need this topic when we already have a request for a rework of the entire A340 family?

I guess by rework the should mean making the cockpit and so on improved, and by this topic they are asking for adding this specific trim of A340 (300).

We really need more Airbus airplanes and more liveries for airbus. And also the rework as well. For example, the engines on A330 look very old, they need to be adjusted so as the Boeing and DC/MDs.

The airbus and Russian fleet (None) are getting neglected in the game.

Well unless I can be convinced otherwise, the Airbus A340 family consists of the A340-200, -300, -500 and -600 series aircraft, so as far as I’m concerned, this topic is a duplicate. This is something for the moderators to decide.

Well this is not my topic I am just trying to shed some lights on it. The rework means improving the quality of what we already have, otherwise the “re” suffix in re-work doesn’t belong there. But this topic is specifically asking for a new trim of A340, without a rework on what we already have.

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Thr French Air Force livery is pretty sleek as well

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This is the first time I see this livery, and very much liked!

I love stupid looking aircraft and strange liveries.
The tiny engines are amazing. I think with Air Tahiti Nui, Air mauritius or Afriqiyah would be amazing.

Bumping this up a little. I hope this awesome plane comes with a possible rework of the A340-600.


Hi Fly isn’t the unmarked version? I think only need the Call Sing