Airbus A340-300

I was browsing the forum and noted it is lacking a feature request topic for the A340-300, which is an absolutely astonishingly beautiful aircraft. Just look how elegant it is!


More pictures here: nickart_photography | Flickr
To quote a previous A340 request (Airbus A340 Family) These are possible liveries for the A340-300 (including the A340-300E Variant):

I really hope to fly this aircraft myself sometime in Infinite Flight.

(Other sadly closed A340-300 feature request: Airbus A340-300)

U forgot Kuwait Airways and Emirates and Jet Airways.

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It’s a quote from another topic, not my list.

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Beats the -600 any day on looks.

Nice to see you back, Nick.

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South African has the -300 too!

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And AerolĂ­neas Argentinas


Well, I’m out of votes and I think one can assume that this would happen with the a330 rework which currently has the most votes, but I sure do hope this beauty is reworked :)

Sadly while it does look similar to the A330, Its physics isn’t in any way.

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yea it’s lacking airlines and needs to be reworked and the A330,A380…i hope but they add Air Jamaica and BWIA West Indies Airways to the A340 listing…wishful thinking…hehee


Lovely plane! Great feature request!

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