Airbus A340-200

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About the Aircraft

The -200 is one of two initial versions of the A340; it has seating for 261 passengers in a three-class cabin layout with a range of 13,800 kilometres (7,500 nmi) or seating for 240 passengers also in a three-class cabin layout for a range of 15,000 kilometres (8,100 nmi). This is the shortest version of the family and the only version with a wingspan measuring greater than its fuselage length. It is powered by four CFMI CFM56-5C4 engines and uses the Honeywell 331–350 auxiliary power unit APU. It initially entered service with Air France in May 1993. Due to its large wingspan, four engines, low capacity and improvements to the larger A340-300, the -200 proved heavy and unpopular with mainstream airlines. Only 28 A340-200s were produced. The closest Boeing competitor is the Boeing 767-400ER.

One version of this type (referred to by Airbus as the A340-8000 ) was ordered by the prince Jefri Bolkiah requesting a non-stop range of 15,000 kilometres (8,100 nmi). This A340-8000, in the Royal Brunei Airlines livery had an increased fuel capacity, an MTOW of 275 tonnes (606,000 lb), similar to the A340-300, and minor reinforcements to the undercarriage. It is powered by the 150 kilonewtons (34,000 lbf )thrust CFM56-5C4s similar to the -300E. Only one A340-8000 was produced. Besides the -8000, some A340-200s are used for VIP or military use; users include Royal Brunei Airlines
, Qatar Amiri Flight, Arab Republic of Egypt Government, Royal Saudi Air Force, Jordan and the French Air and Space Force. Following the -8000, other A340-200s were later given performance improvement packages (PIPs) that helped them achieve similar gains in capability as to the A340-8000. Those aircraft are labeled A340-213X . The range for this version is 15,000 kilometres (8,100 nmi).

As of April 2020, all active remaining A340-200s still flying are VIP or government planes, except the sole A340-200 operated by Conviasa. This aircraft is also the last A340-200 in commercial airline service.

Cockpit crew: two

3-class seats: 210-250

typ. layout: 303 (30F + 273Y)

Exit limit: 420/375

Length: 59.39 m / 194.85 ft

Wingspan: 60.3 m / 197.83 ft

Wing: 363.1 m2 (3,908 sq ft), 29.7°
sweep, 10

Height: 17.03 m / 55.86 ft

Fuselage: 5.287 m / 208.15 in cabin
width, 5.64 m / 18.5 ft
outside width

Cargo volume: 158.4 m3 (5,590 cu ft)

MTOW: 275 t (606,000 lb)

Max.PL: 51 t (112,000 lb)

OEW: 118 t (260,000 lb)

Max.Fuel: 110.4 t / 243,395 lb

Engines (×4): CFM International

Thrust (x4): 138.78–151.24 kN (31,200–
34,000 lbf)

Speed: Mach 0.86 (493 kn; 914m/h)
max,157 Mach 0.82 (470 kn;
871 km/h) cruise

Range, 3-class: 12,400 km / 6,700 nmi

Take off: 2,900 m (9,500 ft)

Ceiling: 41 100 ft (12 527 m)

It would be so good to have all the variants of the A340 in IF
These were the operator of the A340-200.
Arolineas Argentinas, Air Bourbon, Air Europa,
Air Leisure, Air Tahiti Nui, AOM French Airlines,
Austrian Airlines, Conviasa, EgyptAir, Iran Air,
Royal Jordanian, Sabena, South African Airways,
Egypt Government, Libya Government, LMO AERO,
Qatar Amiri Flight QAF, Saudi Arabian Government,
Saudi Royal Flight, Sky Prime SPD.

Let me know what you think of this.

Nice request! Would it be possible for you to make a list of the operators if the A340-200? If not, it’s fine.

This is a great tool to find out: Login required
As you can see, there’s almost no airlines that use it. It’s mostly executive, government and private operators

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There you go

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That’s what I thought. I was just wanderind if there is still any civil operators

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Conviasa Airbus A340-200.

the a340-200 isn’t really flown today, so for all the people that use flightaware or flightradar24 to look for a340-200 routes to fly on if, it’s not really going to be useful

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But remember that is not possible to be sure of it… just enjoy flying, and let the others to propose it, maybe you’ve heard about AR’s EZE-SYD Antartic route…

Not if you want to be ultra realistic where you only fly aircraft that are currently flying down to the very bottom detail. But if you don’t want to limit yourself to what’s presently flying, you can just swap out the aircraft type from something new that’s similar. For example, using an Air France A340-200 on a current AF 787 route.

Lufthansa Airbus A340-200 special livery Star Alliance member scheme. Landing at Singapore Airport. 1988. Posted on Twitter.



Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A340-200 takeoff from Zurich, Switzerland. May 1995. Posted on Twitter.



Longer range than the A340-300, not bad


Yes, they did.

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Philippine Airlines Airbus A340-200 at Frankfurt, Germany 🇩🇪. August 1997. Posted on Twitter.


A342, with only 2 votes 🥺

I hope after A343 this one can get some attention.

Posted on Twitter.



Ah… the South African A342 looks great!


Planes…and classics: An Afriqiyah Airways A340-200 seen here in this photo at New York JFK in September 2009. Posted on X.


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