Airbus A333, Reduce thrust

Hello pilots, what’s up?

Airbus A330-300
After takeoff over 1500 ft + or -, pilots reduce %N1 thrust to 77% N1?

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Did some searching. From what I saw there isn’t a definite n% that needs to be set. As Long as you reduce it to a point where it’s reaching 250 knots <10,000 ft you should be good.

So as you said, I believe it would be in that 70% range. It is all affected by climb rate, weight, speed, etc.


Not when, but how much

Ah, Ok. BravoCharlie basically said it then!

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I do whats realistic, I set thrust on T/O so that on initial climb I barely gain speed then around 1500-4000ft I usually reduce thrust and lower the nose to increase my speed to 250 knots.

I believe the A330 has a moving throttle in the cockpit so when you reduce thrust so the throttle lever is level with the ‘CL’ marking on the side, standing for climb.

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This is basically engine power being reduced to climb thrust. This is done for a number of reasons ranging from noise abatement to increasing engine life, and so that long as the takeoff can be made safely and all the necessary climb performance can be met. Takeoff profiles typically involve a couple of different profiles but are similar in that at some point after takeoff, climb thrust is set.

The thrust setting which is engaged once ACCEL HT (Acceleration Height) is reached, which may be

like you mentioned.

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