Airbus A333 high altitude stall recovery! (Replay)

flight from colombo to london.

at FL405 within few minutes after leveling the stall happened, in the real flight they did climb up to FL400 but by the time they were already in Europe about 1 or 2 hours away from london, but i climbed to FL400 way too early after i was leveled at FL365, on boeing 777/787 i used to wait until the airplane overall load is about 61% or 60% then i climb to FL400 or FL401 and its works like magic so i tried the same thing on the A333 and its backfired LOL,.

i was on my computer while the tablet was next to me when this happened although the volume was low but i heard the overspeed warning and then the first thing i did was calibrating my device and then disengage the autopilot and the rest is history,.

at 6:35 the flight is stabilized autopilot re-engaged climbing back to FL365 ^_^

This happened to me yesterday, is there anyway to not stall ;-; I was at FL410

Anyways, great save!

yes don’t climb to FL400 or FL410 way too early, stay at FL360/FL350 and wait until your aircraft max load is below 50%,. that will take few hours depends on the weight if your aircraft if the max load is above 90% or 100% you might need to wait for maybe 6/7 hours!,.


So step-climbing solves it, ok.


yup always works even on the heaviest 747 ^_^

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I absolutely love the advanced replay system! It’s great for stuff like this!

yeah it’s great, you can re-watch your entire flight while just sitting and relaxing as if you’re watching a full flight movie. on top of that it’s much easier now to report any issue that occurs.

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