Airbus A332

So we already have the A332F in Infinite Flight. What if we also had the A332 fleet that wasn’t cargo? We have the A333 but there are some top name airlines that have the A332 including Aer Lingus, Fiji Airways, Air France, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, etc.

Here is a photo of an Aer Lingus A332 from Should IF add the A332?

Yeah it would be nice! As well some rework for the A333, A346, A388 only when the developers have time! =)


Covered here:

Please search before posting. Thanks :)


This topic shown above is for the rework of all A330 aircraft (Including A332)

Its a rework of the aircraft, liveries, and more varieties of the A330 aircraft

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Definetly @Mario_Puig


@IceBlue Thanks! Cheers =)

I did search and none of that popped up :/

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