Airbus A330neo Rolls Royce engine logo reversed in mirror image

Hi everyone, I just noticed that the Rolls Royce (RR) logo on the Airbus A330neo is flipped in game:

IRL A330-900 no. 2 engine

IF A330-900 no. 2 engine, from a different angle

I think the photos pretty much explain it all, and that the Rolls-Royce engine in IF is now Sllor-Ecyor.

I hope this error gets fixed, since as always, ‘every detail matters.’

Thank you for reading.

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This is known issue by developers, I believe restarting device fix’s this.



Thanks for the report, @IF_International.


huh, there was a post on the for the neo, someone said restarting fix’s it and he said it worked.

Thanks for clarifying, since I tried restarting before I reported the issue and it didn’t work. :)

No worries. Something such as that logo could be categorized as a livery (or similar) issue to a degree. That’s beside the point though, the more important thing to remember is that it’s typically static in the sense that it would remain there even after an app restart. Hope that helps.


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