Airbus A330

Why do the flaps go off of the wing?

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i dont get you, what do you mean by this?

Hi man, I’m not sure about the A330-300 landing for your problem this game on IF?

I recommend A330 to expect the list if you will learn when starting the game. The topic is here on IFC.

Oh i think he means the flaps, when you are getting them down there is a smal gap between the flaps and the spoilers on the A330, so i thinks that is what he is reffering too! Its a part of the image

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This is existing on the new reworked A330, its a part of the realism in the game i guess! It looks pretty neat tho!

I have my YouTube. I had an old video iPad 4 posted for 7 years for Delta A330-300 landing on 16C Runway, KSEA/SEA.

The flaps goes off of the wind to increase its size and so increase the aircraft’s lift and so allow you to slow down to the next wait speed.
When you’re flying when you set flaps 1, the Airbus only gets slats out (not flaps at this time). Flaps go out off the wind from flaps 2.
You may also be talking about the spoilers right or left that go out of the wind to compensate rolling left or right.

I think most of you didn’t understand what he means. He means he thinks the gap is too large


That’s exactly right!

Bull! You know what I mean! Don’t try that!

Look at the pictures! Do any of them seem right? Look at the simulator picture compared to the real life one!

oh dang that looks bad


Well maybe you have too much flaps

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Take it easy, please. There’s no need for this kind of aggressiveness here. A lot of us didn’t understand what you meant, @AvioesEJogos was kind enough to clarify what the issue was.

The flaps do indeed look exaggerated, in the above screenshot. I’m sure there’s an explanation, and if it’s overly exaggerated, the devs can fix it in the next update.


Well it is overly exaggerated (I mean look the photos), but I’m also pretty sure it would involve a full rework of the flaps, so I don’t believe it’ll happen anytime soon.

Maybe that’s the case, but I’m somewhat sure A330s don’t usually land with Flaps 3 (though we won’t know for sure)

Here’s what Flaps 3 looks like in IF

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Yes that looks more normal maybe it’s a problem with flaps Full the developers will have to look into this to see if it’s a problem or not