Airbus A330 Rework

How is an A330 variant off topic when discussing an A330 rework? I agree though that the Beluga isn’t an A330 - its a Beluga, similar to how the A330 and 340 are pretty much the same plane yet you wouldn’t class them as such.


I wouldn’t count A330 and A340 as the same plane. The Beluga is a alternate cargo version of the A330, the passenger variant. Theae two are different from each other. They have many things uncommon with one another. And there is a Feature Request individually made for the Beluga, one for A340 and this one for A330. They are in the same family yet different planes with features that differ.

And why should we not discuss A340 and Beluga here you ask?

It’s because this thread is mainly and only focusing on the A330 Rework that many of us want. If you want to talk about the other planes then go to those request threads. And not to clog up this topic with what is not relevant is also another reason to not talk about A340 and Beluga here.

Thank You for your understanding, have a great day!


Yes - and that A330 rework should include the A330neo and A332F.

The A330neo won’t be included I’m 100% sure because they won’t add aircraft with little data and the A330neo is completely new.


Not to speculate, but they could add the a330NEO. It isn’t entirely new. It is based off of the a330 with not that much difference. The only difference is that the a330NEO has different

  • Engines

  • Winglets

  • Cockpit

Its the same principal as the B787-10. Not that much of a difference between the variants.


They focus on that a lot. That’s why new a/c take so long to get released


Yes Airbus wanted the a330NEO and a350 to have the same or near same familiarization training.

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We will see what happens to the A330, definitely looking forward to it.

Does it mean anything when they showed on the live stream that the A330 or A340 series were not on the list? Sorry I don’t mean to speculate or anything but was just curious.


It could be because FDS doesn’t want to advertise their lower quality aircraft. The Boeing 757 and 767 are also missing. Absolutely nothing to see here folks.


Good to know!! Thanks

Yup notice the B717 is also missing


The A380 is also there, which as we know, is the most advanced aircraft in the FDS fleet.




I get your point mate, but the thread is called a330 rework, and that for me includes all A330 variants regardless of what will actually be developed. So not only the passenger version, but also the a330-200F/P2F/-300P2F, the a330ceo,-neo, the MRTT and of course the A330-700 (Beluga XL) which shares a large amount of parts with the A330(Engines, Wings, fuselage etc). I just don’t see why we can’t wish for these variants too. I mean they added loads of different variants of the 747 when it was reworked, like the VC-25, which is essentially a totally “different” aircraft.


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Good point you got there and i may have stepped off on the wrong foot here. What i basically meant was that you may discuss any variant of the A330 here buuuut since and only because we have a separate request for the Beluga XL specifically you may discuss that aircraft in detail over there. Although mentioning it here isn’t a issue, i feel like this thread was created mainly focusing on the A330 passenger and cargo variants excluding the Beluga XL.

That’s what i think, and if you want the Beluga then cast a Vote for it if you haven’t already :)

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Rightyo! Certainly got my vote then 😊 But thanks for clarifying

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Have you seen the new Qantas livery on the a330-202


You forgot
Malaysian Airlines


Please request liveries in a different thread, so they can be seen by the devs immediately.

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