Airbus A330 Rework

Another big Airplane rework? Haven’t you guys seen enough of the major airports where the 330 can fly to?

there will never be enough major airports until I can grease Charlotte with the extreme tilted gear of the A330 in a US Airways livery. That or I’ll take a maddog rework

Ugh, they just closed the A340 topic so that means it may be a A330/340 rework :(

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Works for me the A340 is likely to be done with the A330 and before the 747 because with the A340 having multiple different gear tile it would be best to work on those before the 747 and A380


Once you get the extreme tilt of the a330 and a340 you have almost every conceive gear tilt angle known to man

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Everything is moving into a good direction.
And btw, have you seen those nice fan blades ?



having the A330 rework would mean the 340 to be worked on as well as for the similarity in cockpit


I really hope so !


My god that is hot


A330 and A340 are stretched versions of themselves one has more gear and engines than the other and are beatiful

Ill venmo $20 to each person that removes their vote from here and votes on the 757 :)
All jokes dont flag lol


Don’t mind if I do except I’ve voted on both 😂

The A330 and A340 has the same cabin width?

Because if that’s the case it’ll be easier to make the A330 and A340s, the only changes would be the physics, weight, engines, and some parts of the cockpit, itty bitty parts of the wing.

Thats treason against the 757 xD

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If not reworded i would love to see the A330 neo

Im curious though, what about the A330 makes it in worse condition than the 757?

  • Cockpit looks like a picture taken from a nokia
  • Engines sound like grinding metal
  • It’s horrendous to have the wing flex taunt me
  • the views are way off

At least the 757 has a semi-acceptable cockpit.


They closed the A340 thread…

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I agree the wing flex does not suit the aircraft in its current state.

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Didn’t see anyone else tag this…