Airbus A330 Rework

Well hopefully, but considering most of the people want the -200 variant as well, they may skip the NEO for now. Reworking 200-300-800-900 at the same time will take a lot of time.

And also NEO series is quite new, so they may not have enough data for accurate physics.


Very unlikely we’ll get the NEO variant as well, maybe in a few years we will along with the 737 Max, Airbus A320 NEO, 777X and maybe even the A380 Plus 😅 (A380 plus is very unlikely as I don’t think it even made it to fly)

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To be fair they did rework 4 aircraft with the 777F but I suppose it would be 5 with the A330F so they probably won’t


True, but they have to ADD the 800 and 900 to the game, in the 777s they had to REWORK 4.

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Does anyone know when we’ll hear news of the next update! I know I know 20.2 JUST came out but I’m just thinking because wasn’t it a few weeks after 20.1 that the 20.2 tracking thread opened up? Do you think we’ll get a 20.3 that will extend into 2021 or will they wait until 21.1?

Yes! Pretty sure @MishaCamp knows.

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I guess we must wait for Misha to share his knowledge of the next update with us 😉

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I can’t wait!

Ran out of likes sorry

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Please be the A330 full rework 🤞🙏🙏


I think I remember one of the devs saying when they rework the aircraft it’s basically brand new so they don’t take from the old so I understand it’s not easy to rework 4 or 5 but they’ve shown it can be done.

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It’s not so much whether four aircraft can be done as to whether there is enough data to justify the -800 and -900 NEO variants. I wouldn’t be sure that these would be added given how new they are (physics, handling/fuel consumption and liveries will likely all differ). I’d be happy if the developers just focused on the -200, -200F and -300 personally.

Also the devs just released massive update, so let’s give them a break :) I wouldn’t expect to hear about anything new until at least December as they will likely take some time off for their families, then get back into the development phase from the bug/testing phase of 20.2. The fact that 20.2 started so soon after 20.1 is very likely due to the fact it was continuing the 777 family, and there was already progress being made.

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Sadly, we have to accept that we have to wait until we can fly one of the most beautiful aircraft on earth. The A330neo.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine flying it. The devs could give us the feeling by adding liveries like this with a bandit mask !

A330 HiFly (9H-TAJ)


I hope they will do a perfect polygons shape of the 330, especially for the wings and the ailerons.

we can already spot errors on the 777 wing root…the wings are VERY thick at that position


@Pingu the cockpits are very similar although there are some differences, however it allows pilots to transition fast and with low costs and in many cases airlines use the same sim for training aboard both airliners. The A340 is also very similar, and the A350 for a A320, A330, A340, or A380 pilot is also quite similar because the core purpose of each system is still there.

As far as differences between then A320 Family and A330 family cockpits the A330 family’s a lot more redundancy in systems when compared to the A320 because it is a long haul airliner. On the A320 you will notice tons of circuit breakers on the wall next to the jump seats as well as towards the back of the control panel, whereas the A330 has two reset buttons and everything else is underneath the aircraft where there a reason bunch of computers powering the systems, sometimes referred to by pilots as the basement. The A330 also has a larger printer and probably one of the most notable differences the A330 has an extra MCDU behind the engine start master switches. The A330’s reverses are deployed using your fingertips with an extra piece that you can pull up behind the throttles, whereas on the A320’s this is done by pushing the throttles past the idle position, and they are usually retracted for both around 70knts which is when the efficiency of the reversers greatly decreases. Another notable difference is the shape of the throttle in which the A320 family has more rectangle-box-like shaped-throttle and the A330’s throttles are more rounded. Another difference is an extra side panel with a few switches that mainly control the lighting and brightness of the cockpit and instruments, in which the A330 family has but the A320 family doesn’t.


Followed by the EFB’s inside would be just perfect

Also missing on the 320 family and boeing’s


we have 1355 votes that’s amazing but we need to get more what must we do

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@Devon_Mo_piedmont114 We need to continue to be supportive, kind, and mature!

Let’s get the A330 reworked!!! :)

The A330 is definitely a great plane, my favorite is the A350 family but the A330 is definitely beautiful!!! :)



Would love to see the A330 rework with the addition of the A330-200 for


And forgot off Air China livery.

This one must be added as well :p
Edelweiss livery is so special. Isn’t it @JulianB ?!


Edelweiss Air Airbus A320-200 you can go here too :)