Airbus A330 Rework


Well you got ya wish…


Everybody slow down. We got a SOFT rework. Isn’t that enough for now? They added it last minute, so at least we have it. So don’t go complaining, this is the best we’re gonna have for now.


We need liveries like Iberia, Aerolineas Argentinas and Tap. p.e. for long haul routes when Southamerica detail scenery becomes a reality. Great update 19.1, my congratulation to all the IF Team!


dont forget Brussels airlines for EBBR - KJFK flights, also the A330 of brussels has a special livery and a normal one

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@TheTyGuy426 just because part of the demand is satisfied doesn’t mean we don’t want it all done eventually and while we got more alot of liveries are indeed still missing.


I cann’t beleve that they don’t add Turkish Airlines!!🤭🤭


The A330 wasn’t even supposed to be included in the update, be grateful for what you got here. I’m sure the devs will add more liveries with time. I agree that the model needs some tweaks, such as the cockpit or nose, but I’m willing to say it isn’t as dire. A full A330 rework will come one day, but suffice it to say that what you’ve got right now is pretty darn good, but not 100% perfect.


First of all, I’m loving the updated A330! Flies like a dream!


I fully believe we need to keep this thread going for the full on rework a-la the CRJ-the more full rework hopefully will come with the addition of the A330-200, updated/extra views, more liveries etc etc.

Sure it is, but the goal of this thread has always been a full on soup to nuts rework of the A330 same as the CRJ got- with the addition of a pax A332, more views and liveries. The physics package worked out pretty well obviously-I still believe the future will hold some awesome updates for the A330. They’ve got the base of it ready now. Patience is key here. We’ve got a flyable aircraft at this point.


Plus animated cockpits last like the A-10, with realistic radar installations if possible. :)


I honestly think when they DO decide to give the A330 the full CRJ style rework treatment that we very well may see the instruments and perhaps some cool fly by wire stuff if they can safely swing it. As for the radar-it doesn’t matter as we don’t have weather systems in IF (yet) things like radar aren’t needed until we’ve got the actual clouds/precipitation to go with them. And even at that point, the load on your device may not really be worth it. For instance-on FSX and early P3D versions, payware aircraft that had WX radar would just choke the average sim PC’s performance to death. There’s no need to turn IF into a slide-show for something like that (again I’ll use YET)

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I immediatly realize that when the flaps comes out in IF, the ailerons doesn’t follows…that’s what the real one does as in that photo.
The ailerons follows the flaps from flaps 1.

(hope it will comes in a futur update)


“It’s only a light rework”


the concord in the back of the picture though lol


I know it really bugs me

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Dear Haters,

You guys have been talking about what is bugging you about this rework… But what really bugs me is how you guys are complaining how this “light rework” isn’t good enough for you. The staff team over at Infinite Flight has finally done the justice that you’ve been waiting for to the Airbus A330 Family. The aircraft looks beautiful, and flies beautifully! What more can you ask for? The staff team has already stated that this aircraft update was a last minute feature by the developers and that they will come back at a later time and continue to make the aircraft even better!

So you have every right to point out mistakes or features not added that you wish were… But why don’t we spend the rest of March just praising Infinite Flight for their nonstop work to make the Simulator better and to make us happy! Not because I told you to… But because they put too much stinking work into this for it to be shamed The update was not even 10 days ago… Go soak in the new and improved A330 and while you are flying, go and just think about how much work went into improving the aircraft for it to look how it looks now.

The best way to support the app and praise the developers is by leaving an awesome 5 Star review on the Apple or Google Play store; the second best way is by complimenting them on their hard work. There’s nothing that the developers love more than to be glorified for their achievements!

Thank you Infinite Flight for really making this seem like a entirely new aircraft! It really is amazing how much it has changed!



I was upset not to see the a 330 300 AA livery.


Have in mind that some liveries were not added ( Just like the Aerlingus ) due to a different engine manufacturer. Found the answer to most at 19.1 Update Announcement.


Please scroll up to the post above, thanks :D


Nah dude I’m not saying it’s bad it’d just my only complaint about the rework

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While they’re reworking the A330ceo, they might as well make both the A330-900neo and the A330-800neo. Liveries would be Kuwait and Airbus House (A330-800neo) and Delta, TAP Portugal, Emirates, etc. on the -900neo