Airbus A330 Rework


look people say American Airlines such as (United,jet blue, America, and spirit) get too much attention which is not true, don’t even have their full fleets yet american is 3 times the size of BA’s fleet and BA has their fleet completed while American needs A319,A330,767-300,and the 777-200.
So please don’t just think the Americans get all the attention because were American

not intend to offend you but inform you


I didnt say that:)
There was just 1 European Airline, and i’ not complaining at all. I’m just saying that us Europeans and Americans have the majority of liveries here, so its fantastic to see some Asian liveries implemented this time! I just want there to be a fair balance of liveries from each continent :)


Don’t forget about American E170/E190/E175


You got one of the two :(


Glad you like it.


I do agree with you about fair balance I do know that alot of people were bummed out that a lot of popular A330 carriers were not added and mostly Asian liveries so there will be frustration but we can all be expecting a full rework sometime in the future maybe this year


I’m pretty sure that its only the A330 and A319 for the aircrafts but I do agree.


i think they just tend to put the most popular Airlines liveries which from American and European Airlines tend to be: American, United, Delta, BA, Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Air Canda, Aeroflot etc,… while the most popular Asian Airlines are Singapore, Japan/ANA, Korean, China, Etihad, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Qatar etc,…

i noticed that we only have one arabian airline among the A333 liveries which is Egypt Air! i was hoping that one of the new liveries will be Oman Air or Saudia or something like that but its okay considering the fact that they not popular airlines i guess?!

unfortunately the KLM is A332 which we don’t have in IF yet ;.;

on a positive note i like the fixes they made to the a333 i love it i just did a flight to Dubai and it was awesome! the flaps work perfect and the ground effect is phenomenal its feels so good when the aircraft floats at touch down ^_^


It really came down to time. Laura talked about this in the development online stream.


Pretty, but unfortunately I’m disappointed 💔


Thank you all It was an enjoyable page and our request was finally met
Unfortunately we did not get our destination! 💔


Feels smoother, heavier and more ‘floaty’ now for sure. I think this aircraft has now achieved something no other plane in IF does - it feels heavy. No longer do we have limitless power! Takeoff actually takes a realistic time and distance now! I’m happy :)


Actually l think we need a better updating. l do not mean that this time of Updating is bad. Actually it is nice. But in my opinion we can make the updating thoroughly. We do not need a halfly updating:)
But finally l must say that the wing flex is so good😄
My opinions only.


Thanks, happy to read reports that you like it :)


yes thats best part


i like it too, since the update i have been only flying the A330 ^_^

good job guys <3


At least the 330 came with this update. Remember it wasn’t suppose to come until the next update. Be grateful


Hey Laura,

Do you have any information in regards of any addition to liveries? Do we have to wait until the ‘actual’ rework kicks in? I am not going to say which but people do indeed say that a lot of the liveries are missing, but I fully understand that your team can add only a limited amount, because of time, work and progress. Jason once mentioned a livery work can take from a half a day to a few days.

Once again, I’d wish for any information in regards of liveries. Thanks. 🤔


Ahh, no Qantas A333 for the time being, guess we’ll wait the couple years it takes them to fully rework the A330 series lol


Of course l am happy with this Updating! Thanks for hard work.