Airbus A330 Rework


I Will use this plane for Phuket!


In my opinion the gears looks beter!!


Can’t wait to see the wing flexing thousand of feet in the air as I go through some turbulence.


(East bay) SF Squad🧡


Not confirmed but we have a chance :)
Saw a couple mods flying the routes they take a week ago!


Almost 100K views on topic


When was that? I have found a similar one with the registration.


Yeah that’s it they stripped it


I would love US Airways! It looks so beautiful on the a330! :)


the only livery’s I would want is Air Asia X and Qantas


You right @Martijn_Decates, to think with you.
Would love Eurowings to see also, then Lufthansa need puppies. How Austrian Swiss…


I wish gear tilted would come with this update


The A330 has finally been reworked… Thank you




It was time to give some love to the other continents as well :)
I’m sure when they fully rework it, American will come.


IK but being in KCLT its how would you say limited


we were also supposed to get vloaris


Indeed, this is what development call ‘light rework’:

  • Autoland (APPR)
  • 8 New Liveries
  • Wing flex
  • Ground Effect
  • Flight physics updates
  • Better crosswind handling
  • Fixed autopilot issues
  • Fixed flap issues

And a larger group of liveries.

Happy new year 😀👏🏼


Does it feel nicer to fly guys? I can’t try it out yet as i don’t have PRO :(


It definelty feels new, at first I didn’t understand what they meant when they said it feels new, but now I do!