Airbus A330 Rework


The Level A332 flies to San Francisco and it is amazing to see in real life which I have

Other than this, I just hope for the Qantas, South African Airways, and Fiji A333s :)


Yea I’d like to fly Barcelona - San Fran with this.


What abaut the Eurowings A330


It’s a pretty beautiful livery.😀


Only the Airbus A330-300 is getting partly reworked. They may add Qantas but not Virgin Australia as they only operate the A330-200


It looks fairly new


I do not think this livery will be added in update 19.1, simply because the Qantas a330 do not have RR trent 772. And for now, only the Trent 772 is available on the a330 ( Sorry for my bad english )


I hope to see Saudia
What if we saw three liveres think it would be like a dream 😍

Saudia a330-300, HZ-AQ30
Saudia a330-300 HZ-AQE (Speical Livery)
Saudia A330-300 HZ-AQL (Skyteam Livery)

I think everyone is like me ❤️


Wish we could get these



There are many liveries that are infinite flight that don’t have the same engines as they do in real life but who knows though


All Beautiful birds but I hope the american ones on the bottom is added.


It is possible that they use the engine of the a330-200F to put it on some new liveries of the a330-300


I wish I could answer but I’m not to sure but I do believe they possibly can who knows though


We Just have to wait 😐


without forgeting this one : )

you can vote here


Love the gold on this A330 doing Base training at my local airport a couple of days ago


It’s in the south of the France ?


Nope Shannon


Thai A330 💜


The Thai 330 will be great to fly out of southeast Asia!